Blackbeard’s Plan before capturing Ace


Blackbeard’s Plan – Introduction


We first learn that Blackbeard had a plan to become Pirate King after he had acquired the Yami Yami no Mi which he obtained from killing Thatch.

One of the steps he required to bringing his ambitions to a reality required the defeat of a pirate with a 100M beri bounty as learnt of in Mock Town. Blackbeard learns that Luffy has a bounty of 100m and ever since then, he begins to pursue Luffy. He makes this clear to Ace.


Fast-forwarding to the fated encounter between Blackbeard and Ace, we know how things played out in the lead to Marineford and Post Marineford, and as a result, we ask:

  • What would have happened if Blackbeard didn’t meet with Ace, and offered Luffy’s head to the World Government?
  • How would things have played out?

I will be threading the needle that is my thought process to explain how I reached my conclusion. My own Headcanon at the very least.

Step 1: Yami Yami no Mi


Blackbeard had to acquire a fruit that could neutralise or negate any Devil Fruit power first of all. He stayed on Whitebeard’s ship because he thought that was the best chance to acquire the Yami Yami no Mi.

Step 2: Become a Shichibukai

While Blackbeard did intend to capture Luffy, Ace presenting himself and engaging him in a duel interposed Ace as Luffy’s substitute.

Step 3: Break into Impel Down and recruit Division Commanders

He then breaks into Impel Down, and recruits 6 of the most powerful individuals that can be found located.

Step 4: Kill Whitebeard & Acquire the Gura Gura no Mi

With his 9 commanders, he successfully kills Whitebeard. Whitebeard is then drenched in a black veil which leads to Shiliew asking if the crew disbands on failure? Failure is most likely relating to the possibility from dying consuming 2 Devil fruits as it’s unprecedented.

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