Blackbeard’s Plan before capturing Ace


Was Marineford Part of the Plan?


Seemingly, it wasn’t.

  • If Ace hadn’t fought with Blackbeard, Marineford may never have happened because Whitebeard would have had no reason to go to Impel Down or Marineford.
  • He could have carried out this plan with anyone, Luffy wasn’t even important, all that mattered was the 100m bounty head he needed to offer the World Government for the position of the Shichibukai.

If Marineford would never have happened, it means Blackbeard intended to break into Impel Down to recruit his subordinates as a Shichibukai, and then kill Whitebeard in the New World.

There’s only 1 flaw with this plan if Marineford never happened?

  • He underestimated Whitebeard’s strength. He thought that because he was old, his power had waned. Had Marineford not happened, Whitebeard would have been at full strength. Even without being in top form, if he weren’t bleeding to death, Blackbeard would have died.

What Ifs?

Just thought I’d share this.

  • What if Luffy never took down Crocodile meaning he’d still be 1 of the 7 Shichibukai. Would Blackbeard have gone on to defeat a Shichibukai to obtain their post?
  • What if Luffy was captured by Blackbeard and taken to Impel Down. Could it still have lead to Marineford?

Thanks for reading.

*Theory by HPsyche

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