Blackbeard’s Third Devil Fruit


It is likely that all of you remember the events of Marineford. It was one of the most spectacular arcs of the whole series, and also one of the most beloved arcs by fans in general. The arc had a lot of events that influenced the future of the One Piece storyline, but one event is still a mystery and will likely play an important part in the future, I’m talking about Blackbeard obtaining another Devil Fruit.


We have been told countless times that eating a second devil fruit would be impossible. While It has been stated many times that the person would likely die when eating a second fruit, Blackbeard mysteriously obtained the devil fruit of the deceased Whitebeard, moments after the latter’s death. How he obtained Whitebeard’s powers are currently unknown. Blackbeard covered himself and the body of Whitebeard with a black curtain, before he performed some kind of procedure that allowed him to absorb Whitebeard’s fruit. While it could have something to do with Blackbeard’s original devil fruit, which is known to have the power to absorb things, it could also be something that is up with Blackbeard personally.

After obtaining the rumored strongest Logia fruit, the Yami Yami no Mi, and ‘stealing’ the strongest Paramecia fruit, Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi, the possibility of him obtaining more fruits has been the subject of discussion for many years. While some have theorized that it could be possible for him to obtain the powers of many different fruits, most fans have speculated that plot-wise he is likely to obtain at most one more devil fruit, being a Zoan type fruit.

The Zoan Fruit

A Zoan devil fruit would be the most logical fruit for him to obtain plot-wise. This would result in him having 1 of each type, which makes him a good  final opponent for Luffy. It has often been rumoured that Teach will obtain his devil fruit in the nearby future, or has obtained it already. While it is impossible to predict the Zoan that Blackbeard is most likely going to get, we can always speculate about things that we already know. I personally think that he is going to steal it from a character that we already know. Let’s take a look at the possible fruits he might get.

Kaido’s fruit

The most likely candidate in my opinion, is the fruit that Kaido has, if Kaido actually has one. Kaido’s crew has constantly been stated to be themed around Zoan fruit. Kaido has also repeatedly been dubbed as the strongest creature in the world. Combine this, and it would seem very logical for him to have an insanely powerful and rare Zoan devil fruit. It is likely, considering his importance in the storyline and his strength and position in the One Piece world, that his Zoan fruit is actually the strongest in it’s tier, just like Whitebeard’s fruit was the strongest in that one’s tier. This would ultimately result in Blackbeard obtaining the strongest devil fruit from each tier.


We don’t really know what kind of fruit Kaido might have, but it is likely some sort of ancient zoan fruit. It is possible that it is something related to a dragon or other mythical creature. The thing that bothers me a little bit, is the fact that I can’t really see Blackbeard transforming in a creature during his fights, because it would be rather conflicting with his other powers. Maybe he is going to mix the powers of the fruits and create some insanely powerful and creative attacks.

Marco’s fruit

Marco’s fruit is also a very rare and powerful Zoan fruit. It allows the user to transform into a Phoenix and use this form to gain a lot of agility and combat power. The true power of the Phoenix however, lies in the ability to heal. Marco could heal a lot of damage that he took during the war, for example; after he was severely wounded by Kizaru. The Phoenix form allows people to completely heal wounds in mere seconds.


This fruit would be insanely good for Teach, because his Logia fruit doesn’t allow him to create an element-body like the other Logia fruits can. This makes him a lot less ‘invulnerable’ than other Logia users. It is also stated that the Yami Yami no Mi, makes him take even more pain and damage. If he could compensate for this weakness with Marco’s fruit, he would become insanely powerful and be a truly scary possible final opponent for Luffy.

*Theory by S.

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