Ohara – Myths & Facts


1. Myth: There is a demon of Ohara, that means there are real demons there!

Fact: Oda always does this, he would make stories about ghosts, monsters, and demons, misleading fans into assuming that they are real but he would turn the tables by pointing out that it is not what the reader was meant to believe. “Demons of Ohara” was in fact a political term coined by the World Government. Also, some fans thought that the word Ohara was connected to O’bake meaning there would be ghost there but there is no ghost anywhere.


2. Myth: Ohara is a kingdom.

Fact: It is not stated to be a kingdom.

3. Myth: Ohara is somewhere in the Grand Line.

Fact: Some people thought that Ohara was in the Grand Line before being revealed to be in West Blue by Lucci.

4. Myth: The Ohara incident took place twelve years ago while Tom was building a Sea Train while the incident is close to Water Seven.

Fact: Some fans thought this during the Franky flashback on the fan board. While both Robin’s and Franky’s pasts were told during the Water 7/CP9 arc, they were not related. The Ohara incident took place 20 years ago (Pre-timeskip), not 12.

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