Bonney is now the Biggest Public Enemy of the World Government


Bonney is now the Biggest Public Enemy of the World Government

The entire point of murdering Vegapunk was that the Seraphim and Pacifista were already completed and could be controlled by the Marines using Gorosei authority, and Command Chips. Vegapunk was no longer needed to produce them, and was more of a threat than he was worth if he was studying the Ancient History (which he fucking obviously was).


The reason Saturn was comfortable nuking Egghead with a upgraded Buster Call was because he knew the Seraphim and Mark III Pacifista would survive it.

Now? If Bonney escapes Egghead with the Pacifista, this is a nightmare scenario for the World Government and Marines. The force that was supposed to replace the Warlords, the Pacifista and Seraphim, getting taken over BY A SUPERNOVA WHO WORSHIPS THE YONKOU WHO ATE JOY BOY’S FRUIT!??!?!?!!

Saturn will now be HELL BENT on killing Bonney. That’s why he snapped and tried to murder Vegapunk.

Bonney’s existence as the highest authority over the Pacifista is the greatest threat to the WG on Egghead Island right now. If Bonney is actually able to access the upper lab and Seraphim, and free them, she’ll have four apparently invicible death cyborgs along with a large number of Mark IIIs to fight back with, along with a Yonkou crew, and the Giant Pirates. This is a force that could actually defeat the Marine fleet surrounding Egghead.


Saturn is smart enough to know that right now, Bonney controlling the Pacifist is the single greatest threat to the current operation. Once Bonney faints, or dies, Saturn can take control of the Pacifista again.

BUT, Luffy is now back up, occupying Kizaru. So, what does this mean? I think Saturn is about to get serious, and step in himself. So far Saturn has been mostly observing; I certainly wouldn’t call his actions “fighting”. He’s made attacks, but has talked WAY more. That’s over. He didn’t even bother to verbally acknowledge Vegapunk after the betrayal when Bonney took control over the Mark IIIs, he just stabbed Vegapunk without a word, then told Kizaru to kill everyone.


Now that the Giants have arrived, Saturn will be pressed to take care of Bonney as soon as possible, he needs the Pacifista helping the Marines, ASAP.

So, the question is, can Luffy, Sanji, Franky, Atlas, kind-of-functioning Kuma, and the Mark IIIs protect Bonney from fainting long enough to escape?

I don’t think so. We already saw Saturn use his crazy hax “Blew your mind up you can’t move hahaha” power before, and I see no reason he can’t use it again.

Next chapter, everyone not named Luffy will get this treatment again:

Vegapunk claimed Saturn must be using a Devil Fruit Ability, and since he’s the smartest man in the world when it comes to Devil Fruits, I’ll believe him. Saturn’s eyes also glow before he attacks Bonney, making me believe he is indeed using a Devil Fruit power.

I made another theory recently about how Saturn might be in Hybrid form, not Full Zoan, since he still has human arms, a human torso, and a human face, with only his legs and his horns being outside his normal physiology.

This, IMO, is Sanji’s last chance to get Conquero’s Haki in this arc; I anticipate Saturn will knock out and injure Bonney, and also possibly kill Kuma, while everyone besides Luffy is frozen by Saturn’s power.

Things are going too well right now, with York, Kaku, Lucci, the Seraphim, and the Blackbeard Pirates that showed up the day before, all unnacounted for right now (along with Stussy and Jinbei).

Bonney will get knocked out and the Pacifist will go back to Saturn, and this will be Sanji’s turn to shine, unlocking CoC and going after whoever hurt Bonney.

This is the last chance I’m giving Sanji to do something here.

S-Bear will also show up at some point to protect Bonney, IMO (S-Snake likely will do the same for Luffy).

*Theory by CoC: Color of Clowns

Luffy will lose his Devil Fruit before the Final Fight vs Blackbeard

The Buccaneers’ crime was creating the Nika Devil Fruit