In chapter 891 Bege predicts the cake will kill Big Mom.


(will carry you straight to heaven ≙ will kill you)

Some people may say its an obvious foreshadowing that the cake will kill Big Mom, but for me its the opposite!
Why? Thats simpel to answer!
Maybe you didn’t notice it, but Bege was always wrong in this Arc!

It began with the Assasination Plan.
In chapter 859 Bege told them the Assasination Plan.

Everything worked like it should and in chapter 868 Bege fired the KX-Launcher at Big Mom, while she was in her weakened state, but than Big Moms scream was too strong and the roket were destroyed before reaching her! 1st fail!


Do you remember Bege reaction in chapter 872 after the Tamatebako exploded and the castle collapsed! He predicted Big Mom and her crew won’t survive!


But than Streussen saved the Big Mom Pirates! 2nd fail!

Thats the reason why the panel in chapter 891, where Bege predicts the cake plan will work and kill Big Mom, will end up being the 3rd fail!

*Theory by Nessos

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