The reason why Sanji wanted the Suke Suke no Mi Devil Fruit


I hope i’m not pointing out the obvious here but I haven’t noticed anyone that has connected the dots from way back on Thriller Bark to now.

Just a random realization/thought about Sanji…

It was always a dream of Sanji to get the Devil Fruit Absalom has, the Suke Suke no Mi, to apparently “watch women bathe”. (It was sort of made out as a joke because it seemed like one of the only reasons he wanted it).


But he was literally flaming angry about his dream being crushed and said that he read a Devil Fruit encyclopedia as a kid but never wanted to lose the ability to swim so he would never eat one. BUT he said he definitely would for the Suke Suke no Mi because he “always wanted to be the invisible man”.

The point I am getting at is that he probably wasn’t interested in “peeping on women” when he was really little… because he was being beat the hell up by his family psychically and emotionally…

It’s so sad to think that he potentially wanted it because he already felt so outcasted by his family and wanted to be invisible like (he felt) everyone seen him.

*by kilobravo333


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