Chapter 1011 showed us that Big Mom acts exactly like Luffy in certain situations!


I really loved Chapter 1011 and it made me go back and appreciate some moments. Big Mom is seriously one of my favorites and this chapter made me lover her in a Luffy sort of way.

  • Remember how Mama and Luffy’s feud started in the first place – Luffy ate all of her sweets! She threatened Fishman Island over it and Luffy picked a fight with her.
  • What I really loved about that feud was Luffy’s reaction afterwards. Most people would just say she’s insane, but Luffy thought she was insane because it was over Sweets and not Meat, they’re both similarly insane about food.
  • So this chapter really brought it back around for me. Remember when Luffy thought Zoro hurt the people that fed them a feast in Whiskey Peak and he attacked his Vice-Captain due to his moral code?
  • That’s exactly the same energy Big Mom is giving off here lmfao. She’s mad at Kaido’s underlings for having the audacity to hurt people that were kind enough to feed her, making her attack her own alliance due to “moral code”

I also found parallels between Big Mom and Tama:

  • Both are orphans taken in by an older individual;
  • We got to see them both celebrate birthdays. Each birthday was marked by the importance of food to them and how it’s the greatest days of their lives as they cry happy tears about their meals.

*by africhic

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