Poneglyphs were made indestructible by Advanced Conqueror’s Haki?!


The Poneglyphs are large, mysterious steles with historical knowledge inscribed on them in an ancient script. They are scattered among the islands across the world, and it is said that the only person left in the world who can read them is Nico Robin.


There are a total of three types of Poneglyphs scattered across the world; Historical Poneglyphs, Instructional Poneglyphs, and Road Poneglyphs:

  • Historical Poneglyphs” reveal pieces of ancient history, as well as messages written by ancient people.
  • Instructional Poneglyphs” contain instructions and/or clues about the locations of Historical Poneglyphs.
  • “Road Poneglyphs” detail a location. The combined locations detailed by all four Road Poneglyphs allows one to locate Laugh Tale. While both Historical and Instructional Poneglyphs are a dark-blue color, the Road Poneglyphs are a deep red color.

Poneglyphs are made of a currently unidentified, indestructible type of stone. What if their indestructibility had to do with Conqueror’s Haki?


As we have seen in Chapters 1010 and 1011 the reason why Kaido and Big Mom cannot be damaged is because they coat themselves in Conqueror’s Haki.

A very small number of particularly powerful Haoshoku Haki users, stated to only be a “handful” by Kaido, are able to “infuse” their body and weapons with their conquering spirit in a way that is very similar to Busoshoku Haki, greatly augmenting the power of their attacks. After infusing themselves with Haoshoku, the Haki is emitted from the part it is focused at in the form of small dark lightning.
So far, only Roger, Whitebeard, Oden, Zoro, Kaido, Luffy and Big Mom have all been seen infusing Haoshoku Haki.

It’s highly probable that Joy Boy or someone capable of using Advanced Conqueror’s Haki did the same thing to the Poneglyphs, probably the same way Mihawk and Ryuma covered their blades in Haki making them permanent black.

What do you think?

Chapter 1011 showed us that Big Mom acts exactly like Luffy in certain situations!

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