Chapter 1012 confirms Sanji vs King or Queen!

  • Sanji should be heading to the Dome’s Main Stage. King and Queen are there.
  • Oda will most likely let Sanji make up for the Black Maria shenanigans. Almost no way he’d end the raid without making Sanji redeem himself after making him take so many losses post timeskip to hype up or setup things for other characters.
  • Most of the non rooftop Straw Hats have a matchup against a Beasts Pirate member. Don’t see any reason for one of the strongest Straw Hats to not.
  • Sanji tends to fight the 3rd strongest opponent. If you include Big Mom, king is 3rd strongest. If you don’t, Queen is.
  • Perospero you may think? Looks like Nekomamushi is handling that. Even if he weren’t, Oda clearly has to finish a plotline between Perospero and Carrot. So Sanji is not fighting Perospero.
  • Page One is wiped out so Sanji is not fighting Page One.
  • Hawkins is fighting Killer. Killer seems capable enough to take him out. Sanji is not gonna fight Hawkins.
  • Jack is fighting Inuarashi. And he isn’t anywhere close to the Dome’s main Stage. Also, beating a half dead Jack wouldn’t fulfill what I stated at the beginning. So Sanji is not fighting Jack.

Doesn’t look like CP0 is going to step into the fight anytime soon. Looks pretty crystal clear to me who he will fight. King or Queen.

*by Ok-Pie6756

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