The Man that will mediate Peace between the Giants and the Yonko Big Mom


Great chapter. The Sanji/Zoro interactions were awesome. Nami continues to cement herself as one of my favorites, her attempting to bargain with Big Mom just made me realize something though: would Usopp be able to stop Big Mom from being an enemy by brokering peace between her and Elbaf?


Big Mom has essentially pissed off two generations of Giants:

  • She rampaged and killed their chief 63 years ago, Hajrudin was present there as a child and Loki was born around this time as well;
  • Many decades later that same Loki wanted to marry one of her daughters but it fell through and she tried to pass off Chiffon as Lola, which closed her only route to the Giants.

Enter Usopp. Usopp has practically been the savior of two generations of Giants:

  • After meeting Dory and Broggy and establishing a bond with them, he was able to report their status to Oimo and Kashi at Enies Lobby – freeing them from their 100 year duty to the Government, they then return to Elbaf and surely speak of the legendary Sogeking/Usopp who met their captains and freed them after going against the Government;
  • Then in Dressrosa, Hajrudin, who is now the captain of the New Giant Pirates regards him as a savior (and GOD Usopp was born), the very same giant that once wanted Big Mom dead as a kid.

So now Usopp has clout from two generations of Giants, Big Mom wants Giants more than anything and probably thinks her last connection closed with the Lola thing. I wonder if at any point Usopp tried bargaining with Big Mom like Nami did and he mentions his relationship with the Giants and it actually gets Big Mom’s cooperation.


This would also increase Usopp’s already legendary status – the man that was able to broker peace between the Giants and the Yonko Big Mom – a feud three times older than Usopp himself.

*Theory by africhic

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