Chapter 1046 makes Chapters 440 and 441 hit different!


Some of you already know that Chapters 440 and 441 are the two chapters that contain Ace Vs. Blackbeard.


With the most recent reveals we learn that Luffy’s Devil Fruit is the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika aka the Sun God. Almost everything Blackbeard mentions to Ace during their fight becomes extremely sus if you re-read it knowing the reveals of Chapter1044.

· Blackbeard tells Ace that him killing Thatch was just bad luck because the fruit CHOSE him. He also mentions that his Logia doesn’t act like a normal Logia should (Sounds familiar? Luffy’s “Paramecia” turned out to be a Zoan after all. And we learn that Zoans have a will of their own. Is the Yami Yami no Mi actually a Logia?)


· He then goes on to tell Ace that his DF power is the most dangerous power in the history of all Devil Fruits (The Gorosei claim Luffy’s to be the most ridiculous).


· He also explains that his darkness can suck up everything. Including punches, blades, bullets, fire or lightning (Why the hell does he mention Lightning? He should know Ace has the Mera Mera no Mi from being in Whitebeard’s crew together. He knew Ace couldn’t use lightning why bring that up).

Luffy on the other hand does use punches, fire and with Chapter 1046 we have seen him holding a lightning bolt. Extra sus.

· My final observation, Blackbeard tells Ace “The Sun?! Or the Darkness?! Only one of us will win!”

Here comes the Sun. Ordinarily you’d think he was talking about Ace’s Entei but given the fact that we now have a Sun God I don’t think he was. Does Blackbeard know about Nika?

Just some food for thought.

*by GuyOnABuffalo42

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