It’s now clear who owns the last Road Poneglyph!


It’s now clear who owns the last Road Poneglyph

We are approaching One Piece’s finale and we know that the only way to get to Laugh Tale is by gathering all 4 Road Poneglyhs which will indicate its location.


The information written on the Poneglyph hidden within the Whale Tree in Zou is currently in the possession of the Straw Hat Pirates. A second copy was possibly at the Heart Pirates possession before their defeat to the Blackbeard Pirates.

A copy of the Poneglyph in Whole Cake Island is currently in the Straw Hat Pirates’ possession. Another copy was in Eustass Kid’s possession after being plundered from one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders, but it is implied that he lost it to Shanks.
Copies of the Poneglyph hidden in Wano are currently in the Straw Hat Pirates possession. The Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates lost theirs to the Red Hair Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates respectively.


The question now is: who has the fourth one?

We know that the fourth Road Poneglyph was originally located at Fishman Island but was later moved by someone.


There are various characters that we can think could have it: Teach, Vegapunk, Buggy, etc. but the reality is that narratively speaking there is just one character in particular that makes more sense than all the above, namely Shanks.

First of all, I don’t think the fourth Road Poneglyph is on some other remote island. Primarily because whoever moved it must have entrusted it to someone strong enough and above all important enough to protect it. And also because the final war is now approaching, and it would not make sense for Luffy to find the fourth Road Poneglyph by chance and head to Laugh Tale without any problems.

Among the final competitors directed to Laugh Tale which are Luffy, Blackbeard and Shanks, the latter is certainly the most mysterious. Ironically, he’s the character that besides Luffy we’ve known the longest but know the least about. What is his real goal? Why is he taking action just now and what exactly was he waiting for? Obviously, it is logical to think that if Shanks hasn’t acted much all this time, he has at least one starting point and therefore at least 1 Road Poneplyh, the one removed from Fishman Island. He was part of Roger’s crew but did not arrive at Laugh Tale due to Buggy’s illness but he probably knew the location of the 4 Road Poneglyphs and only started to move now because he understood that Luffy has already grouped 3 of them.

Another interesting thing to look at is who owns the most Road Poneplyghs at the moment. If Shanks owned the fourth the result would be as follows:

Could this mean we will have a Luffy vs Shanks vs Teach (vs Buggy) final battle to Laugh Tale?

*by giovannibregu

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