Chapter 1062 confirms Kuzan has invaded Whole Cake Island!


“Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion” is the twenty-fifth Cover Story created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter. The story is set after the Whole Cake Island Arc, as the Germa Kingdom is shown to escape from Totto Land. The 7th cover story has led many people to believe these were the Blackbeard Pirates in Chocolate Town.


Then we got this cover in Chocolate Town… and people 100% believed they were the Blackbeard Pirates.

But then we got this cover story and people believed these 2 people in Chocolate Town were actually Reiju and Ichiji.


People started believing that Ichiji and Reiju arrived all the way from Chocolate Town to the place where Niji and Yonji were held at in Whole Cake Island less than a day(it takes a day to travel from Chocolate Town to that place).

So timeline doesn’t fit at all, but people like to jump conclusions… even though Oda even asked us – “Are Vinsmokes the ones invading Chocolate Town?”


Not only that, but the outfit of those in Chocolate Town doesn’t fit Vinsmoke outfit AT ALL.

This is classic case of Oda’s diversion which he did a lot of times. It does resemble Kuzan’s coat and shoes.

And we got the reveal that everyone in Chocolate Town is frozen.

“But Kuzan wouldn’t do that” – those people are still alive, he didn’t kill them. No one dies from getting frozen in One Piece.

So what did Kuzan go to Whole Cake Island for? Well, he is part of the Blackbeard Pirates. Blackbeard wants to find the One Piece. To find the One Piece he needs the Poneglyphs. Who can read Poneglyphs? Charlotte Pudding can. As a half-member of the Three-Eye Tribe, Pudding may be capable of awakening a true power that will allow her to decipher the text on the Poneglyphs. Where is Pudding from? She’s from Chocolate Town.

*by RoronoaLuffyZoro

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