Chapter 1068 suggests that Bartholomew Kuma is going to Egghead!


The Straw Hats being on Egghead opens the floodgates for lore and preparations for the Final Saga.

Dr. Vegapunk’s connection to the Revolutionary Army draws a clear connection with Bartholemew Kuma. His daughter, Jewelery Bonney, is filled with vengeance. CP0 is on their way, weaponizing “Kuma” as a Seraphim.


Seen in the most recent chapter, Kuma is seen to repel or teleport himself away from the Revolutionary Army hideout. Kuma making his move just stirs the pot even more. It is most likely the case that Kuma will arrive at Egghead.

Now remember what Franky explained to the crew on the way to Fishman Island.


Dr. Vegapunk was the scientist behind Kuma’s cyborg-ification, and the final piece of humanity left in him was to protect the Thousand Sunny for 2 years. Will Kuma really be too far gone as to be an enemy?

NO! HE WILL SAVE THE DAY!! Well, it can be theorized at least. Dr. Vegapunk will not let the World Government get in the way of his dream, and his ties to the Revolutionary Army runs firm.


It is a strong possibility that Bartholomew Kuma has not lost all of his memory, but rather, Dr. Vegapunk left a contingency plan that allows him to tap into his former humanity.

The Straw Hats will repay their debt to their “savior”, bring Kuma back to Bonney, save everyone from CP0, and they will be on their way.

*by danVcost

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