Chapter 1068 opens to an unexpected scenario about Sentomaru!


After the abolishment of the 7 Warlords, Akainu’s complaints about not having enough manpower, and the marines and World Government collectively relying on the development of Seraphims, I just find it hard to believe that since Vegapunk’s on our side now, we don’t need to worry about the Seraphims anymore since they are under his command, and we gonna raise them like Punk Hazard kids or something.


Obviously I know or hope things won’t go that easily for the Straw Hats but you can’t help but think this could end up being the case, however, the moment Atlas handed over the Seraphim’s controls to Sentomaru, I figured this is exactly how the Marines will gain command of the Seraphims and fully integrate them into their forces. Sentomaru is known as the bodyguard of Vegapunk, he seemed to be rather chummy with Kizaru(of all people) on Saboady, and he’s a vice admiral, so I think it’s safe to say he was appointed by the Marines to guard Vegapunk, rather than Vegapunk’s own handpicked selection. And also as ‘the captain of the science team” he has knowledge on how to operate Seraphims that Marines or the World Government won’t have even if they claimed the seraphim.

As to why Atlas trusts him so much, I don’t know, but if this turns out true it would be very sloppy and inconsistent from Atlas since the Vegapunks should know they are already in the hot seat with the World Government and shouldn’t be this lax especially in this situation. But it’s also true that the 6 Vegapunks nescessarily don’t think the same since Shaka understood they were no individual match for Lucci but Atlas didn’t.


All in all, I feel Sentomaru was deliberately placed there incase a situation like this were to occur, so the World Government would at least have a scientist that’s on their side on this island, because realistically with the Straw Hats, the Seraphim, and this weaponized island CPO should be getting their noses wiped even without Luffy’s interference, but that obvious outcome probably won’t happen because of Sentomaru. Therefore, I feel the first order of betrayal would either be that protective force field being mysteriously shut down, giving Lucci a chance to ignore Luffy and go right after Vegapunk, or the Seraphims that were ordered to target Lucci end up protecting him instead, giving Luffy a tougher matchup than just Lucci (no offence to him, he may have gotten strong, but I doubt he’s surparssed even Doflamingo).


I have a feeling this frontier dome won’t be an issue for long.

This basically confirms where Sentomaru’s allegiance really lies until we see more. One last question for the panel above and the panel of Sentomaru addressing Vegapunk in a kind of disrespectful way. Do you think Sentomaru behaves that way in Vegapunk’s face and is his subordination to Kizaru common knowledge? If so, a lot of stupid decisions were made from Vegapunk’s side. It’s probably true that every vice admiral is a subordinate of an Admiral, so knowing this, how could you still turn the controls over to someone who deals with the opponents when you’re in the process of fighting the opponents?

Perhaps Sentomaru is one of the Marines that Vegapunk told Dragon they can sympathize, but I’m not so sure about that cuz he deals with Kizaru. And if my theory turns out true and Sentoumaru was fake all this while, I think it’ll fit the brand of Kizaru’s Unclear Justice.

*Theory by Various-Pride

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