The most hilarious questions that fans have asked Oda


Question: Oda-sensei. Since Luffy is a Gomu Human, does that mean his “penis” can stretch, too?

Oda: His penis can stretch too.


Question: Odacchi~ a question for you. Is the 3rd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Diamond Jozu’s penis a diamond? Please tell me. Pen Name Family jewel Negio

Oda: Yes, Jozu’s penis is a diamond penis.

Question: Yo! So, this is the first time we’ve talked, Ei-chan. (Ehehe!) I’m so EMBARRASED! Anyway, I have a question. “Buggy the Clown” can split himself in pieces, right? Which means he can also do it DOWN THERE, if you catch my drift… I can’t get any more specific! Don’t make me say it! Don’t draw anything until you answer this question!!

Oda: His penis can fly too.


Question: Oda-sensei, good afternoon. Try saying Nami’s special attack “Tornado Tempo” (Torunēdo Tenpo) but insert “chi” instead of “te”. If you don’t say it, you can’t end the SBS.

Oda: That’s TORNADO CHINPO. TORNAAADO CHINPO!! OK! See you next volume!! Oh, wait. Was that… sexual harassment? Yeah… I hope not…

(Note: “Chinpo” means “penis” in Japanese.)


Question: Would you like to be whipped by Sadi-chan together with me?

Oda: What are you saying!!!? You bastard, are you back? A 21-year-old from Aichi! Excuse me, officer, this kid is a pervert. Nono, not me!! Eh? Why aren’t you wearing panties? >_<

Question: Oda-sensei, there was something strange during the story. When the king and princes are all tied up, their expressions look painful, right? Isn’t that weird? Normally I’d think that a person who’s tied up wouldn’t be able to help but to be smiling broadly, as I am now… You too, no? P.N. Shimizu Chagero

Oda: ARE. YOU. A RETAAAARD!!! (SHOCK) You, the fuck are you saying–!! This is shonen manga!! Ack!! You’re that pervert Shimizu Chagero from previously!! So your jail term already expired!! Ah!! Excuse me, officer–!! See, he’s over there; that dude who’s enjoying being tied up! Please arrest it! ……..Eh!? I’m not involved! Eh!? Why!? Why do I also have to be arrested just because I’m not wearing a pair of pants and underpants! No, he comes first! Clink!! Ah! Wait I have approaching deadlines! Wait, Officer!? Hey—…

Question: I went to study medicine, because I admire Chopper. Eh? What? You don’t believe me? It… it’s true. I admire Chopper who takes care of his friends in a professional way, it-it’s really not because I want to have a look at Nami’s body, really! P.N. Shimizu Chagero

Oda: P.N. Shimizu Chagero! It’s you! When were you released from prison? Um! Excuse me, officer! Could you please arrest this kid? He’s a pervert who always upsets the moral discipline of SBS! (See volume 55) If a someone like him became a doctor, there would be all sorts of horribly perverted incidents! …eh? What

Furthermore, a fan asked Oda if Robin could sprout her breasts, with her Devil Fruit ability, like other parts and places of her body, and Oda answered that she could.

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