Chapter 1107 confirms Luffy has a Different Personality when he’s in Gear 5


Chapter 1107 confirms Luffy has a Different Personality when he’s in Gear 5!

Whenever the discussion comes up of Luffy’s silliness in Gear 5 and people disliking what it does to the overall tension of the story, and you will get the people who say that Luffy has always been silly and that if you think Luffy is being too silly in Gear 5 it means you never paid attention to the story. Queue people showing Mizu Luffy and Gomu Gomu no Baka and ignoring all other discussions.

Nika when one of his friends gets stabbed to death.


When Vegapunk got stabbed a few chapters ago, the argument that people used to defend Luffy still goofing off was that he didn’t actually know that Vegapunk got stabbed. After Chapter 1107, he now does know. And what is he doing? He’s still doing the eye popping gag, he’s still laughing it up having a grand old time.

Seriously, how can you guys still look at this and say that this is how Luffy has acted all story?

He’s legitimately doing the meme joke of laughing as Ace dies in front of him lol.

Can you imagine Luffy laughing when Doffy was about to curb stomp Law?


Could you imagine Luffy laughing when Hachi got shot by Charlos while Kuma looks on?


Let’s go with a time where Luffy did one of the gags that people never stop talking about to defend this, the UFO thing he did going after Caesar when Zoro told him to take things seriously.

But what happened when Luffy saw what happened to Brownbeard and that Caesar Clown manipulated his friend.

He got angry. Because that’s ACTUAL serious Luffy.

So why do you guys who feel the need to defend Gear 5 like your life depends on it refuse to acknowledge that Luffy is acting weird? Luffy still being in full goofy mode as Vegapunk literally lays on the ground bleeding to death behind him is NOT normal. That’s not Luffy.

The most likely answer to all of this is that Luffy is acting weird and that Nika is taking over. That is what was suggested in Road to Laugh Tale, that this is a drawback like the awakened zoans in Impel Down.

So can we please stop with this idea that Luffy doing a couple gags here and there fighting Crocodile and Enel justifies him laughing his ass off as Vegapunk literally bleeds to death on the ground behind him? Cause that’s not the Luffy everybody knows, and it’s insane how many people go out of their way to argue that it is because they can’t handle hearing a word of criticism about Gear 5.

*by HokageEzio

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