Chopper’s Next Power-Up and Final Form


Chopper’s Next Power-Up and Final Form

As we all know, Chopper is often seen as the most reliable (maybe not strongest) of the cowardly trio. Seen as the three weakest and most cowardly members of the crew, they often serve the purpose of adding emotional weight to the stronger character’s fights. But they also get their moments to overcome their fear and shine. Right now a lot of people (me included) are “waiting for Elbaf” in the hopes of seeing Usopp shine. While Nami seems to almost as strong as she’s ever going to be with Zeus.


Enter Chopper, people are waiting impatiently for another Enies Lobby Monster Point moment. A chance for Chopper to show his stuff. And I might have a clue as to what it’s going to be.

Chopper’s Powers

First we need to understand Chopper’s powers. The Human-Human fruit let this little blue nosed reindeer turn into a humanoid form. Using special drugs he developed grants him greater control over the forms he wishes to turn into. This is where my interpretation might differ from people, but I believe most of Chopper’s forms to be based on Human Tribes in the One Piece world.


  • Brain Point: This is believed to be his hybrid reindeer-human form.
  • Walk point: Just a reindeer. His base form.
  • Horn Point: A point could be made about it being related to Oni (Kaido’s race; horned humans) but a bit of stretch. I think this is just an alternate reindeer from focused on horns.
  • Guard point: Also an alt reindeer form, but focused on fur this time.


  • Heavy Point: Since the beginning, this has been his most human like form. To me this is what Chopper’s “base” human form looks like.
  • Jump Point: Chopper powers up his legs to give himself greater jumping strength. As a power solely based on his legs, it makes me think of the long-leg tribe.
  • Arm Point: The opposite of jump point, a transformation completely based on his arms. This is why I associate it with the long-arm tribe.
  • Kung-Fu point: Learned the ability while in the Torino Kingdom, and has a striking resemblance to the inhabitants of that place.
  • Babyjiji: Even this side effect form has a base in a human tribe. His small size (small as a handful) makes me think of the Tontatta/dwarves who also fit in the plam of a hand

These human tribe parallels are the basis of his power, the Human-Human fruit. Compared to Zoans we’ve seen, Chopper’s fruit doesn’t have a “model”. As such, I don’t believe the different human tribes of the world would be split between different devil fruit models.

Chopper’s Strength

The only transformation I’ve yet to talk about is Chopper‘s Monster Point. If we follow the logic of every other transformation, it’s pretty obvious that Monster Point is supposed to parallel the Giant tribe.

Chopper Dwarfing over Kuma who is 7m tall

This is important because for the longest time we believed Chopper’s strongest transformation to be based on the world’s strongest tribe/people, the Giants. By exerting his body and consuming three rumble balls (pre-time skip) he could tap into the strength of what was believed to be the strongest type of human on earth.

Chopper’s Future

When trying to determine how Chopper could possibly become stronger, two things come to mind. Devil Fruit Awakening and a stronger human tribe.

We used to believe the strongest human tribe was the Giants, but recently we’ve been introduced to a new race. Believed to be Gods and portrayed to possibly be even stronger than the Giants, the Lunarians.

According to Whitebeard’s words, they used to be seen as Gods and resided on top of the Red Line. No other human tribe has quite that prestige, indicating that the Lunarians are indeed special.

Awakening and Godhood

Now I believe that Chopper reaching Awakening and him transforming into a Lunarian (Angel Point maybe) might end up being one and the same. A very clear similarity has been drawn between most of the Zoan Devil Fruit Awakenings we’ve seen and Deities/Gods. Even if we ignore the Mythical Zoans which are based on God-like entities, the fire/smoke sash used to identify awakened Zoans is a symbol of Godhood.

Seeing as the Lunarians have been touted as a race of Gods, it seems to me like it would line up very nicely for Chopper’s final point and Awakening to be a Lunarian transformation.

Anyways, that’s my theory on how Chopper will get stronger/what his Awakening will entail. If you’ve got any other ideas, feel free to share!

*Theory by Baby_Nzo

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