Explaining Mihawk’s hesitancy to fight Shanks and Blackbeard


Explaining Mihawk’s hesitancy to fight Shanks, Luffy and Blackbeard

In regards to the strength of the top players in the One Piece universe, there is always room for interpretation. But let’s set the record straight: just because someone is reluctant to fight the Yonko does not make them weak. In Chapter 1082, many people speculated that Mihawk was hesitant to fight the Blackbeard Pirates, the Red Hair Pirates, and the Straw Hat Pirates. However, this hesitation should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Rather, it is the most rational and expected course of action for any powerhouse in the One Piece world.


Throughout the story, we have seen many examples of powerful characters being hesitant to fight Yonko.

  • Whitebeard, the world’s strongest man, was reluctant to fight the Beast Pirates.
  • Dragon, the world’s most dangerous criminal, avoided engaging with the Blackbeard Pirates.
  • Blackbeard, who many people consider Luffy’s final opponent, was reluctant to directly fight Big Mom and Kaido, and only went after their Poneglyph rubbings after they were defeated
  • The Gorōsei have been shown to be hesitant to anger Kaido.
  • The Marines, with their entire military might assembled, were hesitant to fight Shanks when he came to end the Marineford war. If they weren’t reluctant to fight the emperors, that would have been the perfect opportunity to get rid of the Red Hair Pirates.

Mihawk gains nothing from fighting the Yonkos and has no interest in finding the One Piece, making it rational for him to be reluctant to fight them. This hesitation demonstrates his intelligence and ability to assess risks.


In conclusion, Mihawk’s hesitation to fight the emperors is not a sign of weakness but a strategic decision that any powerhouse in the One Piece world would take. We have seen many other examples of characters being hesitant to engage in certain battles, which demonstrates their intelligence and ability to assess risks.

*by crmaniac123

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