Cover Page of Chapter 1046 confirms that Blackbeard Pirates are already on Whole Cake Island!


Let’s summarize the recent cover pages in Chocolate Town:

  1. Oven and Pudding are staring at Niji and Yonji in Chocolate Town.
  2. Oven is leaving the city with Brulee through the mirror.
  3. Oven and Brulee are arriving on Whole Cake Island, mysterious black silhouettes on sight. Not buildings, drawn just behind, not trees, drawn on both sides. A group is approaching, that’s for sure.
  4. Suddenly, two silhouettes are facing inhabitants of Chocolate Town. They all are panicking and running. Only unfamous and strong pirates could cause that kind of reaction.

Who might they be? Some of you pointed them to be Blackbeard Pirates. Well, YES THEY ARE.

Why do I think little silhouettes (at least 7) on the third cover are confirmed characters? Because the two silhouettes on the fourth one can only come from the mirror, it is the same background between the first and the fourth cover, so the only way to be there is going through the mirror.


So what happened between the third and fourth cover ?! Oven has been killed by Catarina Devon and Brulee has been kidnapped to use the mirror path. Why?


Oven came alone to bring Niji and Yonji to the scientist squad. Weird that Brulee disappeared in between. But overall, he is smiling and waving.. It is totally against his personality. Just look the second cover above. He was always grumpy during all the arc and now he looks joyful just like Absalom was in front of Moria.. before revealing it was Catarina Devon.

Why killing Oven? Remember their hunt for devil fruit ? They killed him and gave his devil fruit to Vasco Shot. WTF?! Yes. In my opinion, Vasco Shot will fight Jinbe in the endgame.

– He stands like a fishman karateka.
– He looks like a blobfish and his rings are placed on usual bronchias.
– His title is the “Heavy Drinker” and he carries a gourd full of alcohol, a flammable liquid.
– He looks like a jester and a fire eater.

What a better fruit than the Netsu Netsu no Mi to ignite his alcohol and launch some fishman jujitsu with alcohol on fire? That fruit can also heat up part of a sea, do you remember Oven using it against fishmen being grilled?

I can’t imagine a better fruit to fight against Jinbe, especially coming from the same tribe.

And, who would be the two silhouettes in the latest cover page? Kuzan (or Shiryu) to the left and Laffitte (or Augur) to the right. The shapes of capes, shoes and calves match. (Silhouette on the left could be confused with woman heels, but I think it is just man boots.)

​And why would they be on Totto Land? There is a Road Poneglyph and Pudding is a three-eyed girl. They might be heading for Laugh Tale!

*Theory by Moliow

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