CP0 Boss is the Real MVP of Chapter 1042!


A few chapters ago I didn’t really cared about the CP0 boss but honestly after this chapter my respect for him has gone off the charts.


Like just a few chapters ago the guy and his subordinates were having sake as they observed the battle from the sidelines and the only thing they had to worry about was Who’s Who dropping outdated lore.

Then they received the order to capture Robin but hey still not a big deal.


A couple of Minks tried to stop Maha and the Boss guy but they were defeated effortlessly. Then they met two members of the Worst Generation and defeated them.


Still no problem until they met Izo.

The Boss guy loses his subordinate Maha and as if losing his subordinate was not enough he gets an order to eliminate Luffy. Literally a death sentence. He can’t ignore an order from the Gorosei themselves and on the other hand if he complies with the order he’ll have to interfere the battle of the Strongest Creature in the World.

He still hasn’t captured Nico Robin and now he has to take out Luffy on top of that too. Plus the Five Elders are already under the impression that Robin has been captured.

If all of this wasn’t already enough he gets stabbed by X-Drake and honestly the dialogue exchange between the two really hits hard.

“I envy you”. Drake is free to enact his own justice but this guy has to serve a death sentence. But no matter, he will carry on his duty to the end. He goes and interrupts the fight between the two Emperors and succeeds in distracting Luffy. Obviously Luffy won’t die but in my eyes he managed to carry out his mission successfully.

Kaido is absolutely pissed and he’ll probably turn him into mincemeat by next chapter.

*by Xplorer67

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