Did Big Mom Just… Win?


What a cliffhanger One Piece Chapter 900 left us on! A canon opens fire on the Thousand Sunny seemingly obliterating it. The only thing left is the Straw hat flag in tatters floating on the sea.


I don’t think Big Mom’s tantrum stopped, I think the destruction is in part real, she just attacked her own pirates instead.

First, I would like to go back away from chapter 900 and go to chapter 867 however:


What happened on the chapter 867 when she had her cake has only been implied, but what seems to be the case is that while she was eating and loving her cake, she frenzied and ate/killed all of the other children on the table that day while she was in love with her cake.

The chapter 900 takes her back to the memories of that cake shown in chapter 867, she sees mother Caramel again and even the children that she had with her on that day.


What if what happened on chapter 900 is a ‘replay’ of what happened in chapter 867? While she loved her cake, her tantrum did not stop, as Perospero thought and communicated, but she and her homies actually attacked her own territory with even more strength than previously.

The shocked reactions we see from Nami, from Luffy pointing forward, I think that is their shock at seing Big Mom’s ship attacking her own fleet.

I think it is possible her tantrum got worse because of what happened in chapter 867, the destruction she caused on that chapter was while she was eating the cake, and as her entire territory is provided with her own homies, from the ship to the cannonballs to the bullets to the soldiers, it is possible they just made matters worse.

We see a ship completey torched and destroyed on the end of chapter 900. The foremost implication, is that it’s suggesting to be the Sunny and that Big Mom is crushing her enemies. We saw however that Smoothie’s ship also has a similar shape:

I don’t know if it’ll be the case, but I suspect Big Mom may be obliterating her own crew while she is having her frenzy, and that the Big Mam Chanter blasted the unsuspecting Commanders which were all on that ship (Smoothie, Daifuku and Oven who appears to enter the ship on last chapter).

About the taste that she is tasting that she hadn’t experienced since that day, it is definitely not Semla, and I doubt it’s the secret ingredient Streusen had either as he would probably have used it once or twice in the past, it is possibly human flesh from eating the children that day which she is tasting right now (as she is eating people).

It is still possible that the memories are faked by Pudding alteration, but the parallels with the chapter 867 seem to be noticeable, how her own crew and people are cheering about her and she is hallucinating in happiness with the impression everything is just perfect, but once she snaps out of it what will show up is the destruction of her own territory, giving the Straw Hats chance to escape(with the main comanders chasing them taken out).

Thought the theory deserved to be turned into a post rather than just comments, hope you enjoyed it and hope it is true.

Tl/DR: Big Mom is hallucinating, but the destruction is real. She is destroying the Big Mom Pirates right now.

*Theory by  Dr_Dankology

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