Who’s Jewelry Bonney? Is she linked to Ace, Rouge and Roger?


What do we know of Jewelry Bonney so far?

Quick recap: She can turn herself younger (and probably older) and she can turn other people around her into a younger or older version of themselves too.

What’s puzzling me is that after Marineford Oda showed us:


and, a few chapters later:

Now, my speculation begins (and ends) connecting these images with another one:


From the wiki: “Rouge held her pregnancy for twenty months through sheer willpower in order to deceive the world of Ace’s connection to the Pirate King. The result of holding Ace for so long however led to her death from exhaustion after giving birth”.


  • Bonney is young. But how many years old is she? I think she’s way older than she looks like. We all thought she was sort of related to Big Mom due to certain similarities (such as the lipstick form) in her appearance and that she was probably her daughter or mother or something like that given Akainu’s reaction. But it’s kinda sure to speculate now that that is wrong.
  • What if, tho, those hints that made us speculate that way were supposed to point at other facts? What if that lipstick simply used to be the fashion when both Bonney and Big Mom were young for real?
  • What if, Bonney has been setting sail for a long period of time, and more specifically, she used to during Roger’s and Whitebeard’s period of time?



  • Bonney is the one who really helped Rouge hide her own son, reverting Ace’s age (while he was still in her womb) for a total of 11 months. That is how Rouge was truly able to deceive the world.
  • Bonney is so dangerous because she was linked (or even related) to dangerous people (Roger, Rouge, Ace) and she potentially knows a lot that Governement would want to stay covered. I could try to convince you and romanticize this idea using some infos taken from Charles Johnson‘s A General History of the Pyrates (which is like The Book Of Piracy) and quoting what wikipedia reports on Anne Bonny: “It is also recorded that, after the arrival of Governor Woodes Rogers in the summer of 1718, James Bonny (Anne Bonny’s husband) became an informant for the governor. James Bonny would report to Governor Rogers about the pirates in the area. Anne Bonny disliked the work her husband did for Governor Rogers”.

What I’m trying to point out is that “historically speaking” Bonny/Bonney used to know a certain Rogers/Roger, and that maybe Oda took inspiration from it.

*Theory by AName

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