First of all, let’s count the number of cats in the following picture.

You will notice that they are a total of 13 cats around Nekumamushi. Which means Luffy + 12 crew members as most people are actually speculating as the final number and that we will get 4 final members in the New World. What I will do is that I will mark the current strawhats from these cats with explanation to why I say that, and I will end up with final 4 cats and I will say who they represent from our current candidate in the story

I’ll go from easy ones to hard ones for me. You will see that I did write numbers close to each cat so that you know which cat I’m talking about


Cat # 1: I think this one is an obvious one. Who is the member in our crew who is always chilling under the umbrella during the sunlight? Still don’t know who is it? she wears a bikini always in these scenes haha. Yes it’s non other than the beauty that is Nami swaaaan!!!!

Cat # 2: Well, anyone can tell who this cat is haha. the thing he wears in his waist. Also, he is drinking sake from the bottle haha. This cat surely represent Zoro

Cat # 3: Many people might very well mistake him for Usopp, including the theorist I did mention before. However, personally I believe this is non other than Franky. Why? cause these sunglasses are different from the ones Usopp actually wears whether it was pre-timeskip Usopp or Post-timeskip Usopp.


As you can see, this is pre-timeskip Usopp sunglasses, and this down below is Usopp’s sunglass post-timeskip as well


As you can see, in both cases, they are actually different glasses. However, Franky is the one who wears that type of sunglass. He was always wearing it during his childhood

And even though Oda did change his design as he got older, and he started wearing a different and more cool sunglasses like these

However, Franky still from time to time wears these type of glasses again like here:

So, from what it seems, Franky wears these sunglasses when he’s building or fixing something, while in most other instances, he wears those black badass sunglasses haha

Anyway, Cat # 3 is Franky, and I hope you are convinced why it’s him and not Usopp

Cat # 4: This one is non other than Nico Robin, as she is the one who looks like a spy in most times, and with that sunglass haha. This one is Nico Robin

Cat # 5: OK, who is the damn idiot in the crew who hide in this stupid way? Yes, It’s damn Chopper haha. He’s the one that hides half of his body and shows the other half haha

Cat # 6: This one is Sanji. This cat’s black hair is extending more in the right side of its face, and the right eye is closed. And we know Sanji has his hair on the right side covering his right eye

Cat # 7: This cat that is sleeping is the most chill guy in the crew who is always relaxed and even sleeps in the most dangerous situations. This one is Brook haha. I mean this guy was chilling and sleeping next to Big Mom without any worry at all bwahahaha

Cat # 8: This one was actually very hard for me. But it’s good I found who this is. This is the pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy. Why do I say this? just look at the laugh this cat has. it’s the same damn laugh Luffy has most of the time when he is enjoying the shit when he closes his eyes and say “shishishishishi”. Also, Luffy is very known to be very cheerful and always enjoying the moment. This laugh is even the exact copy of this one for Luffy

So, basically what determined this one for me to be Luffy is the attitude of the cat and how its laugh clearly resemble Luffy as you see.

Cat # 9: This one is Usopp, and I say this for two reasons: First, he is the closest one to Nami. And we all can tell that in the story of One Piece, these two due almost most of the time are together scared and have their own weird ass dynamic haha. Second reason is something I didn’t notice until now. and that is Usopp actually post-timeskip has NEVER showed his ears. Since the timeskip and he has been putting the headphones, and that got me to speculate if his hearing was injured because of hearing a laud explosion during his training that affected his hearing and he developed this headphone to make his hearing much and much more sensitive to the surroundings, or is he protecting his ears from the sound of shots and so on.

Anyway, whatever is the problem with Usopp’s ears be it a new power Oda will emphasize later on (would be nice to combine it with his observation haki against an opponent he cannot see, where he combines his observation haki and this device on his ear to hear more clear by being more sensitive and locate the enemy) or maybe it’s just a new design and nothing else. Anyway, this cat number 9 is the only one as you can see that its ears are flipped unlike the other cats. And that is basically the main reason I said it’s Usopp, cause post-timeskip he never showed his ears as it was always covered with Headphones

Now that we have finished counting all the current Strawhat cats in this picture. Let’s go into the last 4 cats that remains and combine out current possible candidates with them. What I actually was able to tell from the 4 rest cats are just three. While the last one I couldn’t find any resemblance to some characters that exist in our current storyline haha

First, Cat number 10:
OK, so who is one of our current candidates that actually wears a Kimono, and sits down in this manner, and he drinks sake not from a bottle like Zoro does who lacks manner in that aspect haha, but rather he drinks sake after pouring it on a plate haha. This is Jinbie for sure

So, you can tell from the cloth of that cat, along with the attitude of how Jinbie actually drinks sake, that this cat represents Jinbie. As you can see, Jinbie has more manner when drinking sake than Zoro hahaha. Zoro doesn’t care about pouring it into a cup or plate haha. As you can see, even the crew say this stuff to Zoro in the page below when Usopp scream at Zoro about not using a cup haha
Anyway, going into:

Cat Number 11:
What is very special about this cat and unique that separates it from the rest of the cats is non other than its “tail”. I thought it was Pedro. You cannot tell me that this cat tail is not looking unique from the rest to actually look exactly like Pedro’s tail haha.

We know that Pedro lost his left eye, and he actually covers it with his hair, right? Look at this cat and you will realize its only showing the right side and only the right eye haha.

Anyway during the escape from Whole Cake Island, Pedro sacrificed himself to ensure his team’s escape, leaving his fate unknown.

Let’s go now into:

Cat Number 12: This one was one of the hardest for me haha. but then I realized, that this cats black hair actually extends not to the right or left, but rather into the middle. OK. So, who do you guys think from the current candidate has a hair that covers the forehead which is very important for the character? Yes, it’s non other than Pudding who grew her bangs to cover that area which has the third eye. Not only that, but look at the expression of that cat, that cat truly looks like Pudding when she was acting nice at the beginning of the arc haha. That cat also really looks feminine compared to other cats haha. And the expression of the cat looks like she is shy or in love which really should relates to her because of this current plot between her and Sanji.

Cat Number 13:
This one is the real mystery for me. I couldn’t find someone from our current candidate that it resemble to be honest. There might be someone, but I didn’t notice it or skipped that shit, so you might be able to figure out with me here haha. Or maybe it’s a new character or even Oda still didn’t decide how this last character to join looks like. Who knows. maybe he’s got the idea what his name and role but still didn’t finish its design. Or again, as I said, maybe there is someone who resemble this can but I didn’t notice it haha.

Anyway, with that I truly believe that Oda did give us hints about few of the next strawhats with this cover page, and 3 of them in my opinion will be Jinbie, Pedro and Pudding (not necessarily with that order, Pedro might even be the 4th one haha, and to be honest I think he will be the 4th as well)

Anyway, tell me your thoughts, and if you did notice some similarity with the last cat, mention them down here.

*Theory by Sadistic Senpai

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