What does the Government hide from the people?

First of all I list of the mysteries I try to solve at once.

1. What is the national treasure in Mariejois?
2. Why does Doflamingo need the ability of “mind switch” to obtain the national treasure?
3. Who became “immortal” off the ope-Ope-nomi?

1. What is the national treasure in Mariejois?

I wrote this first but when I start off with the conclusion I think people will have a problem believing it.
So I will return to this point after I go somewhat into the case.


Important is that the national treasure will shake up the world by its VERY EXISTENCE.
So it has to be shocking and CONTRARY what people about the government or a truth of the world.
Other than that the word “NATIONAL” in an international world(World Government) is quite peculiar.
It probably means that it influences the entire world.

2. Why does Doflamingo need the ability of “transplanting personalities” to obtain the national treasure?

This is the point that in my opinion the most critical.
This has HUGE implications. First of all: Why? Why would you need the mind switching ability. If it would be something that you can enter through no means than Law’s “teleportation” ablity Shambles should be the most effective.
Especially if you can use it to get whatever the national treasure is into safety with it. I think their lies the entire mystery. The national treasure has to be a HUMAN BEING. Would Doflamingo give up his body to get another one? Hell yeah, he would. His goal is destruction. He wouldn’t be bound by the need of his personal body. So thats why he SEEKED the Ope-Ope-nomi. Exactly for that purpose. Thats why he didn’t kill off Law long ago. He still had time to convince him to change his personality. He couldn’t risk the Ope-Ope-nomi getting in other peoples hands. Thats why the GOVERNMENT had a WHOLE operation concerning the Ope-Ope-nomi.
He even said this:


“Getting authority over the world” HUGE implications! The person who really is on top of the government is the person who has the national treasure.

3. Who became “immortal” of the ope-ope-nomi?

Now you probably guessed who. The body that lies within Mariejois. Someone in the OP universe MUST be immortal. Otherwise nobody would know of the ability.


There is a case for Kaido but other than that nobody we know off really. But I don’t believe in the idea that he is immortal and it was never stated that he is. It is said nobody was able to kill him yet. Thats a completely different thing than actual immortality. Also he would be known as BEING “immortal” if he would be.

It was pretty much confirmed that he is not human and that would explain his title “the strongest creature in the world”.
But he looks like a human. I subscribe to the idea that he is a dragon/Oz-type creature who ate a fruit that turns him into a human shaped being. That would explain this panel to that would be otherwise nonsense.

He is a creature that can turn into a humanoid form.
That would explain his endless rage and why he couldn’t be reasoned with. Thats why Doflamingo knew he would kill him and has no interest into conversing because he doesn’t have the ability to think rationally.
(yeah, yeah, Chopper. I know, he is a reindeer and not a dragon or whatever he is though)


Ok, now with all that being said I think the case is pretty well made. Now to some of the meat of OP lore.

  • Why are the Celestial Dragons allowed to do anything?

You might think the explanation is given to us but the explanation is obviously bullshit and a red herring. It was stated that they are a reminder of the creators and blabla. EVERY citizen fears the Government and especially people like Admirals. They know how terrifying they can be.
Having a class that enslaves people is contrary to their purpose and values. They should have been taken out by the World Government a long time ago. Especially if they wanted a supreme class like that. Why did not the Gorosei take their place and thats that? Their is no point of these degenerates staying on top. Maybe some worthy people who can take out countries should be the ruling class because you know they are rulers?
Obviously the Celestial Dragons are NEEDED for some purpose unknown to us. And of course one explanation could be the body of the immortal. Why would they need them? Some kind of blood transfusion thing?
That they have to sacrifice their blood to let the body continue to live? Because believe it or not at one point your cells cant divide anymore. Even if you are immortal you at one point start to deteriorate in many ways. Maybe your brain doesn’t work anymore and you will lose your consciousness. Maybe to stay alive you have get fresh cells that can divide more. Hell, maybe every Celestial Dragon at one point gets consumed in one way by that body. Is that the shocking truth? That the Celestial Dragons are just fodder for the real “god” of the World Government? That the reason the World Government took the Ancient Kingdom out is that they didn’t want to be ruled forever by an immortal who only cares about having total dominance for eternity?

Here is some food for thought. I could have gone on forever and had many more points but for the time being I like how I mapped it out.

*Theory by Donal D. Trump


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