Did You Notice?


D: On page 28 in chapter 850 in volume 85, there’s the bento that Sanji made. When you compare to the SBS on page 188 in volume 35, you can see that it exactly matches what was the crews’ favorite meals, but I can’t figure out the food on the left of the sandwich. Is it Brook’s favorite food, which wasn’t written in volume 45’s SBS? Please tell me. P.N. OP girl


O: Ok. You’ve looked at this a lot. While making Pudding’s bento, he was thinking of them in his heart! It was that kind of scene. It’s full of the crews’ favorite foods. And that amount. He wasn’t just thinking about making it for just one girl…Well, here’s the menu.

Meat – Luffy,  White rice – Zoro,  Seasonal fish – Usopp,  Pasta – Sanji,  Hamburger – Franky,  Sandwich – Robin,  Mikan – Nami,  Chocolate – Chopper

And of course there’s the one item you couldn’t figure out, and the correct answer is the curry for Brook! Brook loves curry, but his eating manners are terrible, so Sanji doesn’t really let him eat it.

Source: SBS Volume 86


How do all the Big Mom Pirates have food themed Devil Fruits?