How do all the Big Mom Pirates have food themed Devil Fruits?


So, in the past few chapters we’ve been seeing a lot of interesting and creative usage of devil fruit abilities. What with Big Mom’s candy-ocean homie, Prospero’s candy sea slug and Katakuri’s “original” attacks…

But this got me thinking about the Big mom pirates’ devil fruit abilities and how they follow tho whole food/cooking/sweets theme.

Ill list them here for the sake of convenience:

  • Cracker’s Bisu Bisu no mi (Biscuit)
  • Smoothie’s unknown “juice” fruit (Juice)
  • Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi no mi (Mochi)
  • Perospero’s Pero Pero no mi (Licking?)
  • Oven’s Netsu Netsu no mi (Heat)
  • Opera’s unknown “cream” fruit (Cream)
  • Streusen’s Kuku Kuku no mi (Cooking)
  • Tamago’s Tama Tama no mi (Eggs)

Granted, there are many other devil fruits in the Charlotte family/Big Mom Pirate crew that are not food related like Pudding’s memory fruit, Brulee’s mirror fruit, Daifuku’s puff fruit, Mont-d’Or’s library fruit, Pekoms’ turtle fruit, Bobbin’s hypnotism/sleep? fruit and obviously Big Mom’s soul soul fruit.

But this still begs the question, how did they acquire a themed fruit collection? There aren’t many crews or organizations that have themed fruits. The only other groups that we know of with themed ability users are Kaido’s beast pirates and the Marines/WG.

Now we know that Kaido’s zoan devil fruit army gets their powers from artificial SMILEs that were produced by Doflamingo.


While the world government/marines don’t really have a theme, many high ranking officers have really strong devil fruits (Sengoku’s Daibutsu fruit, Akainu’s lava fruit, Aokiji’s freeze fruit, Kizaru’s light fruit and Fujitora’s gravity fruit). What we don’t know is where they get their power devil fruits from, but Spandam hinted at something interesting in the Enies lobby arc. When Jyabura asks him how he got the 2 devil fruits (for kaku and kalifa) he says he has “connections”.

The way I see it, this could mean three things:

  1. Spandam is getting the fruits from the WG who have a stash of powerful devil fruits
  2. Spandam got the fruits from a connection in the underworld
  3. Oda has some other explanation XD

Let’s look at each one carefully,

1. Spandam is getting the fruits from the WG who have a stash of powerful devil fruits:

I don’t believe the first possibility to be the strongest due to a few reasons. Firstly, why would Spandam try to hide the fact that the WG is supplying him with devil fruits to his own team? The second, is that he specifically said he did not know the powers of the fruits and it wasn’t in the devil fruit encyclopedia.


Whereas, the marines tend to give specifically powerful devil fruits to the admirals which would indicate that they know the powers of their fruits. Now it is possible that the WG had recently acquired these and are just unaware of their powers but I like to keep things simple and stick to what seems most probable which leads me to the second possibility.

2. Spandam got the fruits from a connection in the underworld:

The second possibility makes the most sense imo. If Spandam got the devil fruits from an underworld broker then that would explain why he tried to be subtle about his source, not to mention the fact that he wouldn’t have any guarantee on the strength of their powers.

Continuing with the thought of underworld brokers, who is another person we know with many underworld connections? The Yonkou Big Mom. We were introduced to many underworld figures in this arc, who may play a larger role in the future of one piece..


The one that is most notable is Stussy; the Queen of the Pleasure District, who we later find out is a CP0 agent.

Furthermore, Big Mom’s savior; Mother Carmel was also an underworld broker under the code name “Mountain Witch”. She was an orphan seller and her biggest client was none other than the World Government. Now this proves to us that the WG has a hand in underworld dealings.

So, with all that being said, my theory is as follows:

There are multiple parties other than doflamingo that can produce or have a stash of devil fruits. The WG acquires their strong devil fruits by purchasing them from such parties, however, this is meant to be private information reserved to only high ranking officers like the admirals. This is why Spandam had to use his own connections in the underworld to get the Kaku and Kalifa’s fruits. However, his connection is not as good as the WG’s because he did not know what powers they granted unlike the consistently hax admirals fruits. Similarly, Big Mom uses her own connections in the underworld to get food themed devil fruits to strengthen her crew and produce more sweets in Totland. So, just like how Kaido gets his fruits from Joker/Doflamingo, other powerful organizations in the new world rely on the underworld to get their devil fruits.


*Theory by Silvers

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