Dragon is not Monkey D. Garp’s Son


The recent panel of Rocks D. Xebec in Chapter 1001 got me thinking about how similar he and Monkey D. Dragon are so far in appearance and role.


Before I just start speculating and writing fanfic, I want to go over the actual similarities. Dragon and Xebec both have spiky slicked back hair, a similar face shape with big forehead, and they like big coats with collars. Without a close look at Xebec’s face, the only thing really differentiating them is hair texture.

They both directly oppose(d) the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Roger and Garp teamed up “to protect the Celestial Dragons and their slaves”, so Rocks was directly assaulting God Valley in much the same way Dragon plotted to assault Mary Geoise and declare war on the Celestial Dragons at the Reverie.


They share very similar methods, with only their final goal being different. Rocks wanted to destroy them to take their place, Dragon wants to destroy them and the ruling system along with them.


Rocks was the most dangerous criminal of his age as a pirate and Dragon is “The World’s Worst Criminal” of this age.

Still, what if Dragon is actually Xebec’s son? Follow me while I really think this out like a crazy person as much as I can. He would have been 17 at God Valley, the same age as Luffy when he started his adventure. Dragon as a former marine was a theory I saw kicking around a while ago, with Garp adopting Dragon and taking him under his wing the way Koby and Helmeppo were trained, but I don’t think that’s it. The Marines would have never let him join, if he really were Xebec’s son. The admirals would never allow it, much less the Gorosei in charge. But what if he just married Garp’s daughter?

I just discovered a theory from 2017, a prediction that Dragon was actually Garp’s son in law, because Garp allegedly never directly refers to Dragon as his son, calling Luffy “The child of my child” (not son of my son, specific wording is used) or only calling Dragon “Luffy’s father”.

Plus Dragon doesn’t look anything like Garp in fact Garp as a kid resembles Luffy.

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