Law and Kid’s Current Power Level


Oda has made it pretty clear through portrayal and feats that both Law and Kid have surpassed the Yonko Commanders besides possibly Benn Beckman.


We’ve seen since the start of Wano that Yonko Commander Level characters don’t stand a chance against the Yonko:

– Whole Cake Island Luffy getting 1 shotted by Base Form Kaido (remember how Katakuri could not defeat Luffy after beating him up for 12 hours?)

– Queen getting 2 shotted by Base Form Big Mom


– Queen’s Brachio Bomber not doing any damage to Base Form Big Mom


– Marco getting instantly neutralized by Base Form Big Mom after stalling her for a bit

Now Kid and Law not only have been fighting in the Onigashima Raid since it started without rest or breaks, but they’ve taken a huge amount of damage that Yonko Commanders wouldn’t be able to take, and have shown offensive power higher than Yonko Commaders as well.

Eustass Kid:

– Tanked a slash attack from Apoo

– Tanked Heavenly Bonbon from Big Mom

– Tanked God of Lightning: Tenjin from Big Mom

– Tanked a punch from Big Mom

– Tanked Fulgora from Big Mom

– Tanked a beating from Hawkins

– Tanked Mamaraid from Big Mom

– Tanked Ikoku Sovereignty from Big Mom

– Tanked a beating from Giant Form Big Mom

– His Punk Clash gave Big Mom pain that she hasn’t felt in decades

– His Punk Corna Dio broke Giant Form Big Mom’s arm and made her spit blood

– His Damned Punk made Giant Form Big Mom spit out blood, paralyzed her and finished her off

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