Dragon’s Overpowered Zoan Devil Fruit


It is speculated that Blackbeard will end up having three Devil Fruits in total: one being the most powerful Paramecia, the second being the most powerful Logia and lastly, the most powerful Zoan.


Most fans believe that Kaido has the most powerful Zoan and that Teach will take that fruit, but I completely disagree.

While Kaido might have one of the most powerful fruits in the series, I believe that the most powerful Zoan belongs to non other than Monkey D. Dragon.


You might be thinking, “What brought him to this conclusion”? Well, let me remind you of the battle at the Revolutionaries’ base between Blackbeard, CP0 and the Revolutionary Army. After fighting Sabo in Dressrosa, Jesus Burgess followed him back to the base. Once he spotted the base, Jesus reported back to Teach and he got excited.


I was thinking to myself “Why would Blackbeard fight Dragon who has no business with him?”. Then that’s because Teach is probably in search of the most powerful Zoan devil fruit! It is very evident that Dragon’s fruit has a variety of abilities, and variety only comes with Zoans. Dragon has been shown to control the air and even lightning, just whether in general.

After watching the move “Fantastic, Beasts and Where to Find Them”, I came to the conclusion that only one thing can do this. I think that he has the mythical Zoan Thunderbird fruit. The Thunderbird is a creature in Native American mythology that has the ability to control the whether. The Thunderbird can take the form of a human, which explains the nature of a Zoan type.

Going back to its origins, when I found out it originated from Native American Mythology, I freaked because Dragon looks like a Native American.

It is stated that when ever the Thunderbird is around, there is a storm and every time we see Dragon there is a storm!!

Well that’s my theory and I hope I convinced someone out there. The THUNDERBIRD IS OVERPOWERED!!!!

*Theory by Monkey D. Joyboy

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