Eustass Kid and Luffy’s Crew Connection

A lot of people including me think that Luffy and Kid are going to be huge rivals and the 2 strongest pirates alive at EOS extremely close in strength.
They both have a member of the Worst Generation on their crews; Zoro and Killer and they are thought to be evenly matched as well.
If the crews are going to fight each other, shouldn’t their be definite matchups like with Zoro and Killer?I believe that Heat and Wire are to fight Sanji and Franky. Those two are the only notable Pirates under Kid that is not Killer and their names correlate with the identified Straw Hats. Kid and Killers names can also be a description of the Straw Hat they will fight.Luffy is always described as a ‘Kid’, Zoro is described as a ‘Killer’, Sanji has a huge association with ‘Heat’ with fighting and cooking, and Franky is a cyborg so ‘Wire’ is befitting of him.If Franky gets the noticeable matchup than it could mean that Franky>Brook because Wire seems like the 4th strongest in Kids crew if we say that Heat is 3rd(Sanji) at least for pre skip.I believe that the names of Kidd’s crew will be a great description of the rest of the Straw Hats.
For example, Choppers opponent could be named ‘Hoof’ and no Chopper can’t be ‘Kid’ because it is ‘Captain Kid’ the naming will clearly fit with one member of the Straw Hats.This idea also makes since because none of the Kid Pirates so far have real names; they are all just things. What is the purpose of doing that anyway?Conclusion

-We can loosely guess the names of each Kid Pirate, atleast have the name in the same ball park. Going by the evidence it would be a spot on, one word description and it will not be something resembling a real name.

-Franky might be stronger than Brook because his opponent was introduced as the 3rd or 4th best.

-When a character is revealed we would immediately guess which Straw Hat they would fight and if they have a ranking system than we can use that to definitively put the Straw Hats in order by strength.

*Theory by AnonymousStrawHat

Monkey D. Garp’s Haki Power

The will of D. was revealed before the Grand Line!