The will of D. was revealed before the Grand Line!


This theory is so simple that you probably get mad and won’t even entertain it for a second. But I really urge you to try to be open about it and of course excuse my english. I am obviously not from an english speaking country. Most people have an idea that Enel comes back from the moon and tells us what the secrets of the world are and how the ancient kingdom came from the moon and what not. None of that will happen in this theory. So if you are someone who is fixed on that idea you will probably won’t like this. I can imagine most people will hate this theory because it truly is obvious. Maybe it sounds arrogant and it just might be, but I had this idea for like 10 years and still have not heard anybody talk about it. OK, enough for an introduction. You want to know what the will of D. is, right?

Most people would agree we should start where the story kicks off.
With Gol D. Roger. He is the answer to everything. But can it be that easy? Can it be
conceivable that Gol D. Roger told us everything we need to know to solve this puzzle in the few sentences that where shown to us? I think so.

First of all he confirms within the dialogue with Whitebeard that he knows the meaning of the initial D.

Now let us come to the monologue which I think is misunderstood by most people. Because they think this is a seperate thing. This seems like the theme of the series and not having any connection with the will of D. .


“That which cannot be stopped:

1. Inherited will,
2. A man’s dream,
3. And the flow of time

As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom, these things shall never be stopped.”

THIS is the will of D.
I know most people will be disappointed now. There thought a big reveal happens, but it was so simple that most people thought it was something different.
Not only does the meaning PERFECTLY fits what the will of D. is and is reflected in EVERY character with the initial D.
There is also some coding possible.

Now what does D. mean? Do you see it when you look at all 3 points he mentioned? Look closer. One word for every line and its so obvious. I think you see it now. WILL OF DREAMS!
One way to decode is to look at the 2,3&4 word of the 3 sentences. I would be very interested how the japanese version shows it. It might be even the same word in every line. For example every 1st/2nd/3rd word might make the “will of dreams”.
Lets cognitive dissonance kick in and cloud our judgement here. I know you most likely have all these ideas about the devil and the enemy of god. We come to it later(maybe not today), I promise.

Now how does this exactly explain every character that has the initial D.?
Let me be clear, EVERY character follows this way of life. All of them, ESPECIALLY Blackbeard. Some people say he doesn’t have the will of dreams. If anything he personalizes it the MOST.
Look at this panel. Here Blackbeard tells us what the will of D. is AGAIN.


HE DIRECTLY paraphrases Roger? Did he know Roger? Probably not. But he still carries the will of D. . Fullfilling your dreams and not playing by societies rules if they come in your way. Dragon, Rogue, Roger, Saul, Luffy, Ace, Law, Blackbeard and even Garp where and are all people who will no matter what follow their dream. If they follow the way of “righteousness” they won’t cause conflict because it is in his interest. But if society doesn’t allow it they still follow their dream. They all seek their own answer to freedom and the tools by which they use it are the 3 stated. By having a dream is the most obvious one. The inherited will is a theme throughout the entire episode. This is true for Luffy and for everyone. This might be the line that throws people off the most. Because it applies to pretty much every strawhat, but is this the reason why Luffy could gather his crew? That he as a D. can lead people who inherited wills on their own. Are these people attracted to him. If one D. couldn’t lead them how could it elsewise prevent people from pursuing the meaning of freedom? And of course the flow of time. Is this a reference to the void century? Maybe. But maybe its just that the D. keep on contuining as long as people pursue the meaning of freedom. Once people stop the name of D. will die. But as long as a D. lives he can keep the dream on living. For that a will has to be inherited. And for that time has to pass or the times have to change. If the times are stagnant change can’t occure. This is a little philosophical and it might just be the case that its on point. But I would even simplify it more. The only point that really matters is the 2nd one. To pursue your dream you have to be free. The will of D. was introduced pretty much directly after the quote from Gol. D. Roger so its not something that was thought up later (Dr. Kuleha mentioned Gol D. Rogers real name and the will of D. in Drum Island, which was pretty much 2 short arcs away from Whiskey Peak ~30 chapters from the quote to drum island). There is a good possibility that he just wanted to enter 2 sentences that have “will” and “of” in it. If you think of “will” a sentence like the “inherited” just might pop into your head. Right? And if you think of “of” and you have to choose something that is in pursuit of freedom a mind like Oda just come up with “and the flow of time”. Sounds random? Its not, thats exactly how these things are created. You start with a premise like the “will of D.” and throw a riddle in there that exactly explains it if you can solve it. And you throw hints throughout the story to solve that puzzle. This is a basic way of creating a mystery.

I have more angles and proof but I think this is something the community has to think about. I could go on how every D. personifies it within the story but most of you can come up with that on your own. This community produced some great theories that in the end just came true.

You can see this as a first step into a bigger step. The next thing that I am aiming for is to connect this to the void century and end it by explaining what df’s really are and of course what the legendary weapons are. And why sea stone drains the power of df users? Is that a hint of what grants them their power?

If you read up until this point thanks for your attention and I hope I gave you an angle that you didn’t thought about before. Hell, maybe this theory is very common and I just haven’t seen it yet and I am making a buffoon of myself.

Well, take care!

*Theory by Donal D. Trump

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