Garp shows his devastating strength! – Chapter 1080 Spoilers


Chapter 1080 is titled The Legendary Hero. All chapter events on Pirate Island (Hachinosu).


Here are the salient events:

-SWORD squad vs Blackbeard Pirates. The Blackbeard Pirates present are Shiryu, Vasco Shot, Pizarro and Wolf. And we have their devil fruits. SWORD Squad, Hibari, Prince Gross and Kujaku (Tsuru’s granddaughter).

-The bounty on Koby’s head is 5 stars, worth 500 million, for his fame.

-In a short flashback, Blackbeard kidnaps Koby to negotiate with the World Government, to make Hachinosu Pirate Island official and under his control. Kuzan explained that the SWORD Faction could not be negotiated with.

-We see SWORD Squad powers, Devil Fruits and more. Hibari is a skilled sniper and uses a Vegapunk weapon, Prince Gross has the Mud/Clay fruit, Kujaku has the Whip fruit.

-In the end, Garp joins the rest and destroys buildings with his fists and Haki.


Additional info:

Perona appears in the chapter.

Avalo Pizarro has the Island devil fruit.

Sanjuan Wolf has the Inflation devil fruit.

Vasco Shot has the Liquor devil fruit.

The Incident on Egghead that Will Shock the World!

Oda planned for each Straw Hat to have a specific part in the End of the Journey