Gol D. Roger vs Whitebeard Clash Incoming!


As the Moby Dick sailed the New World, Oden and Toki studied a crude map of the world. Oden asked where Toki was born, and she did not know, but wanted to go to Wano Country because her parents were from there.


As they sailed with the Whitebeard Pirates for four years and learned more about the world, Oden and Toki fell in love and Toki gave birth to Momonosuke and Hiyori.

During this time, Whitebeard decided to split his growing crew into divisions, and he appointed Oden as the leader of the second division, which Oden was not enthused by.


The Whitebeard Pirates continued exploring new islands and taking in new people, including an orphan named Teach. So this means Blackbeard probably should have quite the knowledge about Wano. With that in mind, I wonder if we can expect him to join the chaos in Wano later.


The more Oden saw during this voyage, the more he wanted to continue adventuring.
During the fourth year of Oden’s voyage, the Whitebeard Pirates noticed the sea creatures fleeing in panic from an island, and they docked at the island, and found even the land animals running away. On the other side of the island, the Roger Pirates had brutally beaten a group of Marines when Buggy alerted them that the Whitebeard Pirates had arrived.

The aura of Roger causing the animals to run in fear was amazing. I liked that we finally see a reason for him being called a Demon. He seemed almost sadistic in this chapter. Ruthless like a pirate is usually characterized with. He seems to thirst for battle almost. The differences between approaches for Whitebeard and Roger was interesting as well. Where Whitebeard flees from the Marines despite being more than strong enough to flatten those ships with little to no challenge to avoid further issues, Roger directly challenges the Marines to actually send a deserving force after him.

So this chapter just debunked the Scopper Gaban = Denjiro theory, as we saw Gaban on the last page with Roger’s crew, while Denjiro was still at Wano.

Roger decided to go and confront them, as it may be the final time he would get to encounter Whitebeard.

So next chapter Roger vs Whitebeard?
Will Oden immediately join Roger after this fight?

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