The Origin of SHANKS’ Wounds Revealed in the Next Chapter?


When did Shanks get his scar from Blackbeard?


I always assumed it was after the Roger Pirates disbanded that Shanks encountered Blackbeard and received his scar but I could be mistaken.

There are three instances where Shanks’ eye is smartly hidden by Oda:

At Rogers execution – Chapter 0 / Strong World


When asking Buggy to join him – Chapter 434


Recruiting Yasopp – Chapter 0 / Strong World

This is definitely cause for speculation, Blackbeard vs Shanks in the coming chapters is definitely a possibility.

We are now 26 years behind the current timeline in the manga and the Battle of Edd War (where Shanks is seen without a scar) was 27 years ago.

What do you guys think?

*by aofiji

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