How Long Certain Fights Lasted During the Onigashima War


This post is gonna calculate canon in story time in order to determine how long certain fights lasted during Onigashima War.

Chapter 1003 – Chapter 1008

This is the first time we get some sort of time confirmation. Luffy is unable to use Haki for 10 minutes. The next time we cut to the roof, Luffy is already fighting in Chapter 1008 with Haki. So at least 10 minutes have passed since Chapter 1003 and up to Chapter 1008.


Chapter 1007 – Chapter 1014

Chopper has been using Monster Point since Chapter 1007 and only has ~10min left in chapter. Meaning it has been around ~20 minutes.

Chapter 1022 – Chapter 1027

Narrator says 15 minutes are left.


And at Chapter 1027, Momonosuke says 5 minutes are left.


So 10 minutes have passed.

Chapter 1027- Chapter 1039 / 1049

This is where it gets shaky.

Narrator said 15 minutes were left until Onigashima reaches the capital and last time Momonosuke said it was 5 minutes.
BUT in Chapter 1039 Momonosuke starts moving Onigashima away from the capital, so it’s unknown whether narrator’s 15 minutes are still accurate or not.

  • If narrarator’s words are not accurate, then less than 5 minutes have passed since Chapter 1027- 1039.
  • If narrator’s words are accurate, then 5minutes have passed since Chapter 1027-1049, because only then Onigashima reached the capital.

So in summary:

  • Chapter 1003 – Chapter 1008 at least 10 minutes have passed.
  • Chapter 1007 – Chapter 1014 around 20 minutes have passed.
  • Chapter 1022 – Chapter 1027 exactly 10 minutes have passed.
  1. Chapter 1027- Chapter 1039 less than 5 minutes have passed
  2. Chapter 1027- Chapter 1049 exactly 5 minutes have passed

With this we can easily determine around how long certain fight lasted in canon time, instead of using chapter count since it’s not accurate to count chapters.

For example:

Jinbe started fighting Who’s Who in Chapter 997 and ended in Chapter 1018. So Jinbe fought Whos’-Who for at least 30 minutes.
This is only bare minimum fight lasted.

Sanji and Zoro started fighting King and Queen in Chapter 1022 and ended in Chapter 1035, so they both beat Commanders in less than 15 minutes.
Also they fought Calamities together in performance floor for 10 minutes and separately for less than 5 minutes.

*by kurwa

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