How One Piece Characters would look at 40 and 60 years old!


5-Question: Odacchi, I have a request! I know other readers must have said “I want to see what Nami and Robin look like in the future” but DEFFFFFFFFINITELY do not draw them please! PLEASE!!! P.N. 420 Rando

Oda: “Eh…You’re not convincing anyone there huh….”


Age 40: Come back again once you become an adult <3

Age 60: Me? I passed 40 a long time ago <3 Fufufu

Age 40: Hand over the money I tell you!!!

Age 60: Won’t you buy my magic pot?

6-Question:  Let us see Usopp at 40 and 60!! P.N. Macchi and Takeshi

Oda: “Here is it!”


Age 40: The pirate flag is calling out to me!!

Age 60: Yeah, I’m starting to miss her!!

“In a future where “something” happens”:


Age 40: Luffy’s my disciple.

Age 60: Zoro? Yeah… he’s my disciple.

7-Question: Please draw what Chopper would look like in the future! (P.N.: 420-Land)

Oda: Are you ready? Here it is:

Age 40: “Leave it to me!”

Age 60: “Here it is, this will work on whatever you have.”

A future where “something” goes awry.

Age 40: “Straw Hats? Don’t you dare mention that name again to me!”

Age 60: “Bring in the sacrifice, now!”

Now that we have seen the official ones drawn by Oda, here are some amazing artworks based on Oda’s style made by @Rofta_55:

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

The Reason why Oda waited so much to officially introduce Jinbe as Nakama