How the Rocks Pirates formed and How Roger took Oden from Whitebeard


After chapter 957 and the plethora of info bombs Oda dropped on the readers, I’ve been trying to buckle down and decide which topic I wanted to make a speculation on first.


Now there is one major thing that was bugging me about the whole Oden situation, and that is the fact that Oden left Whitebeard’s ship as a division commander and joined up with Roger Pirates.
Not only did this strikes me as odd from Oden’s character perspective, considering he is a samurai and he would be bound by honor, but letting a “Son” leave his ship to join a rival is not something Whitebeard’s character would stand for.

So I was sitting back and mulling over all the possible scenarios that could have resulted in Oden leaving Whitebeard’s ship and joining Roger, and at the end of the day, there is only one valid explanation as to how Oden could have left Whitebeard’s ship without dishonoring himself, and without Whitebeard hunting Oden down as a deserter. I believe that Whitebeard lost Oden and his retainers to the Roger Pirates in a Davy Back Fight.


Now in case you weren’t aware, or it had just slipped your mind, the Davy Back Fight was actually created on Pirate Island, which is where the legendary pirate crew Rocks Pirates was formed. Pirates came up with the Davy Back Fights on this Island as a means to strengthen their crews. We know that during a Davy Back Fight the crew that wins a challenge gets to pick a crew member from the losing side and the crew member selected must immediately swear loyalty to their new captain. To me this makes the most sense as to how Oden could have been taken from Whitebeards crew, and joined Roger Pirates.


This gives Roger and Whitebeard the perfect reason to fight without ruining their relationship as they were seen drinking together and discussing Raftel at some point.

In chapter 233, Buggy states that the only person able to tie Roger was Whitebeard. This supports the theory as Buggy could’ve been an apprentice at the time of the Davy Back Fight and actually saw the tie for himself.

Now with that out of the way, it brings me to my next point, and that is, is it is completely possible that the formation of the Rocks Pirates was also based on the same practice in which Rocks D. Xebec acquired Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, and a multitude of other powerful Pirates through Davy Back Fights.

I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence that the Island the Davy Back Fights were created on is the same Island where the legendary pirate crew Rocks Pirates was formed.

*Theory by Celestial D. Dragon

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