Is Luffy the mysterious eye-patch character that will appear at the end of the series according to Oda?


Luffy’s eyes, especially his gaze, have been consistently commented on by Kaido this arc. From when he knocked Luffy out back in Chapter 924 (“He’s been glaring at me for a while now”) to Chapter 1008 when he remarked during their fight how “The light never leaves them”.


Now we come to Chapter 1028. Yamato has remarked that Kaido is weakening. Luffy has come back for seconds. What happens when you get tired during a fight? You get frustrated, reckless, angry. To end the fight, I think it’s within Kaido’s characters to try and go for the kill. We have already seen him do this with Orochi and Kinemon.

My theory is that Luffy is going to suffer a serious injury in the next couple of chapters. Namely his eye.

Now there’s already a ton of theories about Luffy losing his eye. Oda himself said in an interview that “in the final scenes of One Piece there is one pirate who appears with an eye patch”


Some might think it’s too soon for him to get an eye patch. However, there’s been a few hints. Firstly, the Mary’s. Kaidos ‘eyes’ on Onigishima. By destroying them, the Straw Hats have rendered Kaido ‘blind’. And what’s that term, an ‘eye-for-an-eye’?


Secondly, Onigashima itself recently sports a crack in one of the eye holes, the same one where Luffy’s scar lies under on his own face.

This theory is just a bit of fun, but leaving Wano not only as an Emperor but a physical identifier of the troubles it took to get there would be a great way to show Shanks (who I assume we’re meeting next) just how far Luffy has come.

*Theory by sam_thunderdogs

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