Is Stussy one of Kaido’s Flying Six?


In Chapter 929, we see a woman – who looks seemingly familiar – next to Robin, right before Orochi’s little banquet, who beforehand had a meeting with CP-0 Agents.


As Stussy – a member of the CP-0 – was introduced, we got to know her as the Queen of the Pleasure Quarter. Which lines up with the appereance of said woman in Chapter 929, on the side of Geisha O-Robin and Prostitute Komurasaki, and the CP-0’s Wano visit.


Now we don’t know what Devil Fruit Stussy has eaten, but we do know that Lucci and Kaku have Zoan-Fruit Abilities, former being a Leopard, the other being a Giraffe. Considering this knowledge, Stussy would probably has a Zoan as well.


In the last panel of Chapter 977 we see the lower halves of the Flying Six Members, of which one member seemingly has a feminine lower half.

We know Kaido’s Crew consists of Zoan-Ability user, as do the powerful Flying Six who represent Dinosaurs.

Stussy is possibly still a double agent of some sorts and is working under Kaido as a member of the Flying Six. In this case what would her Devil Fruit be?

Given those information, the only last possible clue might be her hat she is wearing. Now this might be a stretch, but say if this is a possible hint: her hat looks like a Turtle-Shell with a Rose on it.
The Turtlesque Dinosaurs I found were “Doedicurus” who have thorns on his shell like a rose and the other would be a “Carbonemys cofrinii” who possibly would be a direct ancestor of turtles.

What do you think about this?

*Theory by bnyaminsart

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