Three more Members will join the Straw Hat Pirates crew after Jinbe!


Reading back and watching back some stuff that happened in The New World I noticed there is a pattern that shows:

  • The Sun Pirates.
  • Dawn of the World.
  • Kozuki Toki’s prophecy: Like the Moon, you are ignorant of the Dawn. If there is one ardent wish that must be fulfilled, it will be when nine shadows are cast woven together through twenty years of moonlits nights. Only then shall you understand the radiance of Dawn. These three things have been showing up more and more. And I am quite sure that we will see these things also return within the Straw Hat crew.
  • Luffy asked Jinbe to join as a crew member.
  • A Mink will join the crew as well: Carrot.
  • A Wano country member will join as well.

This would also add up to the idea of more crew members joining one after another that Oda once said in the past. Could also be the Grand Fleet of course but the fact that Roger had Minks and people from Wano in his crew makes me think Luffy will get them as well. And having a Mink and Wano character join (someone with a connection to the Kozuki Family maybe) would be a great parallel from the past stories.


It would also be logical as some of these characters already have a link with us of course. Currently my final list is:

1-Jinbe, obviously.

2-Momonosuke or O-Tama as a cabin boy/girl. Just like Shanks on Roger’s crew.

3-Carrot. She may not be asked to join, but will sneak on board just like Nekomamushi and Inuarashi did with the Whitebeard & Roger Pirates.

4-Vivi. Close to the end of the story she will definitely reunite with the Straw Hats (around the final war/ Im’s attempt at a great cleansing). At this point she may be counted as a member.

Shirahoshi will reunite with the Straw Hats as well around this time as the Ancient Weapons start to play their roles, but I don’t think she’ll count as Straw Hat member.

*Theory by Itismytimetoshine/AGoodName421

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