Jesus Burgess’ Secret Method of Stealing Devil Fruits


How did Jesus Burgess attempt to steal Luffy/Sabo’s Devil Fruits?


It’s obviously a method that has been revealed to us in this scene.

Many people have theorized about the significance of the knife, what is in the box…I mean bag and what have you? Though as almost always the answer lies somewhere in the middle and is pretty straight forward if we ask the right question.

What is the “bag” made of? 


The bag that Jesus is carrying just happens to have the pattern of devil fruits or is the bag made out of them? What is a devil fruit? It is a container of a devil(ability) that you can consume.


What do you think will happen if you have the container of a devil fruit with you and you kill a devil fruit user? I think it will no matter what go into the container of the devil fruit and rebuild itself. The skin of the devil fruit is already used to containing a devil and the same phenomenon occurs when the “devil” is trying to find refuge in the next fruit of the same type.

Blackbeard knows about this phenomenon before he joined the Whitebeard Pirates. What would he have done if he found that someone already ate the Yami Yami no Mi? I think he would have done the same thing that Jesus would have done to Luffy. We see that it is simple anime logic in how “devil fruit stealing” works.

So, what about the knife? It’s just a cool knife.

*Theory by Donal D. Trump

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