Jaguar D. Saul could be Alive and part of SWORD!


Jaguar D. Saul was a giant and a former Vice Admiral who first appeared as a castaway on the island of Ohara. He was introduced in Nico Robin’s flashback during the Enies Lobby Arc, and by then he had already defected from the Marines. He died while protecting a young Robin from the Buster Call that destroyed Ohara, being frozen to death by fellow Vice Admiral Kuzan 20 years ago.


While it appears Saul died at Ohara Island, there are arguments that may prove otherwise. The simple fact that he and Aokiji were good friends may show that Aokiji was reluctant to kill him.

Amongst the noted signs, is the name of the move used by Aokiji ‘Ice Time Capsule’, which alone implies he may still be alive. In so many works of fiction, freezing one’s self over time will allow them to unfreeze later and live in the future, almost like a TIME CAPSULE.


Jaguar D. Saul could be alive and part of SWORD

To start this theory we must first talk about his good friend Kuzan aka Aokiji. Many speculate he could be a member of SWORD and for good reason. He left the marines and is now working with a Yonko. Practically the same thing Drake has done.


We know that he has morals and is on friendly terms with marines like Smoker, Garp, and Sengoku. What this tells us there’s no way he would actually want to affiliate with Blackbeard and is just undercover.

It was Kuzan that allowed Robin to escape. And proceeded to look after her from that point. Even going as far as to spare her life many times despite her being a pirate. Robin is one of the most dangerous individuals alive in the eyes of the World Government. So then why would Kuzan do that?

Is it simply just because his friend Jaguar risked his life for Robin? I don’t think so. His allegiance to SWORD may be more than his obedience to the World Government. If Kuzan was willing to spare Robin why kill someone he cares about? The most logical answer is that he wanted to kill Saul before the Marines got their hands on his friend. Or perhaps he “killed” Saul so that the marines and Woreld Government would think he is dead.

Was Jaguar D. Saul’s death faked and what could this mean for the story going forward? Before getting into that let’s explore a related hypothetical. Was Jaguar D. Saul a member of SWORD before or after his supposed “death”. I think it could be just as likely to go either way. Jaguar is incredibly Moral and even has the D initial. I think he would fit right in with SWORD.

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