Joy Boy’s Nakama Revealed and His Connection to Luffy!


I want to talk about that big revelation at the end of Chapter 1040 – Zunesha & Joy Boy.


We learned in Chapter 821 that Zunesha committed a great crime and ever since has only been permitted to walk – toward an unknown destination, for an unspecified purpose. A short time later, Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro, and Pekoms departed for Whole Cake Island while Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Franky, Law, Kinemon, Raizo, and Kanjuro went on ahead to Wano. Importantly, Momonosuke remained behind with Inuarushi on Zou in order to speak with Zunesha and learn more about its crime and the nature of their bond.

It seems Momonosuke learned quite a bit as he explains to Yamato that Zunesha committed this great crime 800 years ago at the end of the Void Century – while it was Joy Boy’s companion. This revelation is potentially huge and though this topic is a bit too big to fully explore in this chapter review, I’ll at least explain what I think this could mean.


At the end of Chapter 1037, The Five Elders suggested that Zunesha’s sudden arrival on Wano represents the awakening of a mysterious Devil Fruit lost to the mists of time. I already released a theory video explaining why I believe the newly awakened Devil Fruit being discussed by the world’s highest authority is Otama’s Kibi Kibi no Mi.

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In summary, I think it’s likely the fruit’s previous wielder during the Void Century, potentially a member of the Kozuki Clan, awakened this power on Wano and compelled Zunesha’s eight century long odyssey. We have seen the influence of Tama’s power over the Smile users seems to be indefinite and we know that awakening extends a Devil Fruit’s power beyond its host.

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We further know that those who created the Poneglyphs recorded prophecies of the New Dawn’s eventual arrival. All this suggests that the previous wielder of the Kibi Kibi fruit, somehow aware of the major events which would later transpire on Wano, assigned the ability to command Zunesha to Momonosuke, in order to ensure Wano’s borders would someday be opened in preparation for Joy Boy’s return.

*by Straw Hat Jedi

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