The Current User of Toki Toki No Mi


We know that the Anime sometimes reveals things before even the Manga does. In opening #22, OVER THE TOP, Kyoshiro got revealed as one of the Akazaya Nine. Same with the reaction in the Alabasta Kingdom which is now leading many of us to believe that probably Nefertari Cobra has been killed.


Well in the Anime, Toki’s death is portrayed a lot clearer than in the manga. This reduces the likelihood of the theory that she jumped ahead in time and of her being alive. Which raises the question…

If she did in fact die, what happened to her devil fruit?

We’ve already seen two devil fruits from Oden’s flashback make it back into the world. The Bari Bari no Mi and the Mane Mane no Mi have both found their way into the hands of outsiders to Wano. Given that trend, and the fact that we haven’t seen it being used in the current timeline in Wano, I suspect the same is true for the Toki Toki no Mi.


Now, it may have been eaten by somebody we haven’t met yet. But what if that’s not true? What if somebody who we are familiar with got hold of it and that person’s devil fruit ability hasn’t been revealed yet?


We also know that devil fruits can be awakened. What would an awakened Toki Toki no Mi look like? Many of us would speculate that it would grant its user the ability to go back in time. But going back in time is not possible. Toki said this herself, and it would also kind of break the story. When time travel is done improperly in a story, it becomes overpowered and can create big plot holes that the author has trouble fixing. If that’s the case, then an awakened Toki Toki no Mi would have to allow its user to manipulate time in other ways than going backwards. I am speculating here but I would think that the ability to stop time or to slow it down/speed it up for oneself does fit the criteria. So who is the best candidate to possess this power? I believe it to be Shanks!

For over a decade now, people have been speculating that Shanks has some sort of space time ability. His timing in the Paramount War Saga right after battling with Kaido, his sneaky infiltration of Pangaea Castle in Mary Geoise, and the likelihood of him being the father of Makino’s child back in Foosha Village in East Blue all point to him having some ability that lets him travel very quickly.

What doo you think?

*THeory by Miss-Heather

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