Kaido and the Significance of Joy Boy


About 7 months ago I had made a theory about Kaido wanting to become Joy Boy, it was really simple. What originally sparked this idea was that panel in Chapter 1014 that revealed Kaido knew about Joy Boy.


What I had found interesting about this comment was the fact that Kaido was originally a member of the Rocks Pirates, where it was stated by Sengoku that “Xebec broke too many world taboos and was erased from public history” , so assuming the taboos are in regards to learning the secrets of the world such as reading Poneglyphs, learning about the Void Century, knowing about Nika, it is obviously save to assume that Xebec also knew about Joy Boy.

Rocks had the ambition to become King of The World and along the ride with him was his All Star stacked crew including Whitebeard, Big Mom, Shiki, Captain John, etc. All the while we know Kaido’s role on Rocks crew was an apprentice. This begs the question, How did Xebec manage to recruit Kaido into the Rocks Pirates?


What If: Xebec had Kaido join the Rocks Pirates by convincing Kaido he was Joy Boy?

Kaido comes across as a tragic character, as we all know he’s a drunk, suicidal, and looking to die in grandeur way. As of this moment we don’t know the motivations behind his madness, so it peaks the interest as to WHY is Kaido acting in such chaotic manner. Especially when we get chapters like the last couple that show flashbacks of Kaido but with an entirely Roger-esque attitude.


It clearly shows that at some point in Kaido’s past during his time with Rocks, he had the belief that he himself was Joy Boy. And that evidence only furthers points towards Rocks D. Xebec’s direction for being the one who presented this information and revelation to Kaido. Throughout this arc we are shown glimpse that Kaido knows so much more than he has been leading on and in Chapter 1035, we see Kaido as young as we’ve ever seen him and it implies that he had already strong knowledge of Joyboy even before meeting Alber/King.

Kaido says “I’m the only one who can change it!!!”

Again this highlights Kaido’s joyous ambition and that for some certain reason he believes that he alone can only make a great change in the world.

Then we move forward into time and in the latest Chapter 1036, Kaido’s entire demeanor seems to have shifted in a more condescending manner somewhat mirroring his current self. Kaido openly references Joy Boy here and in a way denounces any possibility of being Joy Boy as he asks King “Is the world I’m making…really the world you wanted?” this comment to me gives off the impression that in Kaido’s own perspective he has failed himself and waiting for King’s acceptance as well.

Why does this all matter? Well based off the two differing mannerisms of Kaido in both respective flashbacks, something significant must’ve occurred from the time Kaido recruited King in Chapter 1035 and from the point we see King and Kaido discussing Joy Boy in Chapter 1036. Whatever happened between this time had MAJOR impact on Kaido’s ideology and why he no longer believes he is Joy Boy.

So is there any hints that can suggest of a possible situation that would cause Kaido to question his purpose and worth? There is in fact one comment that actually gives us a suggestion as to a possible reason.

In Chapter 1015, we have Kaido looming over a near to death Kinemon who is trying to protect a fleeing Shinobu and Momonosuke. In this panel Kaido says something quite interesting as he stabs Kinemon:

Here Kaido says few people can accept defeat when it arrives, now this panel in my opinion will play important relevance later on in the story in numerous situations;

  1. The Defeat of Rocks D. Xebec

– Xebec’s death had probably either been one of great humiliation as he died without accepting his fate (like Blackbeard who almost died and begged for his life vs Whitebeard) or as a warrior laughing and smiling to his death (like Gol D. Roger)

2) Kaido’s First Defeat as a Captain

– We know that if it’s 1v1 always bet on Kaido, but we do also know that Kaido has suffered some defeats in his time as a pirate. Now if one of these defeats were that detrimental it gave him a sense of humiliation and to deeper extent dismayed his belief of being Joy Boy, then it would make sense to justify Kaido’s current actions as he no longer believes he’s Joy Boy and someday hoping to challenge him in Wano.

Latest Chapters confirm that Kaido will die!

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