Kaido’s son Yamato is a Number


So I would like to combine two popular theories and explain why I think they’re both right and support each other.

  1. Kaido’s son Yamato is a Number
  2. The announcement is his marriage to Smoothie

First, I believe Yamato is a Number (specifically Number 1/Ace) because:

A) The Numbers have been absent until recently so this gives a good reason why he hasn’t been mentioned until now

B) The Numbers have laughs that start with a number and we’ve seen many


C) Yamato being Number 1 would complete Kaido’s deck of cards system without clashing with the other “Ace”


D) Black Maria says bringing in Yamato will be “difficult”. She is talking about all Flying Six having trouble with 1 guy. Yamato must be crazy strong and/or literally difficult to move. Him being a Number fits all of that

E) What Kaido is exactly is up for debate, but he is definitely not 100% human, so his son being some kind of monster makes a lot of sense.

I believe the announcement is marriage between Yamato and one of Big Mom’s daughters.

I believe the chosen daughter will be Smoothie in particular since she is definitely in Wano. Marrying off her strongest daughter is a huge show of commitment from Big Mom, and would mirror the commitment from Kaido, assuming Yamato is as strong as Black Maria’s comments would imply.

If Yamato is a Number then Smoothie is more “compatible” than most due to her ability to change size. This uniquely gives her the possibility of giving Big Mom “giant” grandchildren.

*Theory by Inconspicuosaurus

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