The Lurking Leader of The Beasts Pirates


This is going to be a theory regarding the nature of the Beasts Pirates and the SMILE plot, currently ongoing.


I’d like to preface with a question: who, or what, is Kaido?

Now, this isn’t a theory about whether Kaido is an Man who ate a Dragon Devil Fruit or a Dragon who ate an Oni Devil Fruit, that’s a common talking point we’ve all heard a million times.

Instead, the question I’m asking is “Who is he to the Beast Pirates?” to which you might say: “The Captain, obviously.”

And to that I say: “No, he isn’t.”

Kaido is the Governor General of the Beast Pirates, if you want to get very specific he’s the Sōtoku (総督), which is translated as Governor General or Viceroy (they’re basically the same thing).


This is a very important detail when you know what a Governor General/Viceroy is.

Governor General: “An official appointed by the reigning British monarch to govern a Commonwealth realm as the monarch’s representative, or an official in a similar position in other countries.”

Viceroy: “One who governs a country, province, or colony as the representative of a monarch.”

This is an… interesting choice for Kaido’s title in the Pirate Crew he supposedly leads, right?

All the other Yonkou, except Blackbeard, are referred to with a unique title.

  • Shanks is the “Boss”/”Leader” of the Red Hair Pirates (大頭, Ogashira).
  • Edward Newgate is the Whitebeard Pirates’ “Pops” (親父, Oyaji).
  • Charlotte Linlin is the Charlotte Family’s “Mama” .

Shanks, Newgate and Linlin are all labelled with a term that signifies being a leader (A Boss, a Patriarch and a Matriarch).

Kaido, meanwhile, is referred to with a term that, yes, is a position of leadership, but a position of leadership on behalf of someone who ranks higher. If Kaido’s title is accurate, then this would mean that he’s not really the Captain of the Beast Pirates, and never has been.

So… who is?

Well, who else do we know who leads an animal themed Pirate Crew, was a former member of the Rocks Pirates, and happens to have a plan that involved the creation of Bestial monsters? A man who happens to dress like a traditional Shogun, I might add.

That’s right.

Shiki the Golden Lion

“But that’s crazy!” You might say. “Shiki was the villain of Strong World!”

Yes, Strong World wasn’t canon but Shiki is, along with Merveille and Doctor Indigo.

It’s my theory that Kaido is working for Shiki, and has been for decades, in secret, as was Doflamingo and Caesar, and possibly Higurashi and Semimaru.

Ryokugyu has a Time related Zoan Devil Fruit

Kaido’s son Yamato is a Number