Ryokugyu has a Time related Zoan Devil Fruit


1) While the previous Admiral trio was all Logia, the current Admiral trio will represent all 3 types of Devil Fruit (Logia, Paramecia, Zoan).


2) We already have Light and Gravity for Admirals so next one seems pretty obvious to be Time, since Oda is probably trying to reference
Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

3) Time is represented by color green and Ryokugyu’s color is green.
That would match current admiral scheme:
Kizaru- Light
Fujitora – Gravity
Ryokugyu – Time


4) I predict his motto will be – “Divine Justice”
His powers will reference God. Green color sometimes is associated with faith.


And this might also explain why he hasn’t eaten 3 years. Ryokugyu is just fasting.
Religious people are often fasting (few days to few weeks) and Ryokugyu is just taking that to the extreme (3 years), probably with the help of his powers.

Kizaru– Indecisive Justice
Fujitora– Blind Justice
Ryokugyu– Divine Justice

5) Ryokugyu’s devil fruit will probably be Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Chronos

Basically a God that can control time. It could be any time God but I only remember Chronos and he has bull’s head (Chronos emerged from the water and mud as a winged serpent with the heads of a bull and a lion on his sides, and the head of a god between them).

*Theory by kurwa

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